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A new Men's Health reader reviews Men's Health...

Hi. I've been subscribing to Men's Health for about eight months now. I look forward to the magazine. I must say I'm never too disappointed by this magazine as page by page talks about interesting stuff most men would find quite useful in their day to day health and otherwise. Now I've been reading a few reviews and it seems valid that older subscribers do not see any reason to renew their subscription because they feel the magazine becomes "recycled"
I subscribe to a bunch of trash too. Like Maxim, Playboy, Details, Wired...Playboy is sometimes fun, mostly just a magazine trying to make me look stupid. Out of all four subscriptions, I'd say Men's Health is the most sane, useful, full of good articles and content. The worst would have to be Maxim. There are some issues of Men's Health which I have been over three times. And just in the corner of the 22nd page you might find something useful.

Now listen. Im 25 and I strongly recommend this to guys looking to become fit or just read about how life feels for fitter men. I like this publication cause they're realistic and true. Highly recommend this magazine.

Requested feedback

The magazine covers an overall spectrum in order to touch on areas of interest for all individuals

Cosmo for Men

I bought this for my boyfriend because he kept taking my Cosmo magazine. It has great articles for guys and for their girlfriends.

One Year is All You Need

As a regular reader of "Men's Health," I have long enjoyed its articles for their entertaining style and the useful information contained in its pages. After several years, however, it has become obvious that there are only so many abs exercises, or amusing sex tips, or ways to portray men as charmingly stupid. I realize that I no longer need to buy the magazine as I can just look at the back issues I have instead. It covers the basics well, but does it over and over, so my advice is to enjoy it for a year and then go on to more advanced things on your own.

Good magazine, bad service

As a magazine, Men's Health is an interesting read for all men, well written with simple exercises, health tips, easy but delicious recipes, and general life advice.

However.. buyer beware. They will send you promotional items that they will automatically bill you for, unless you take the time to fill out a card and send the items back within the preview period. They'll also give your information out to multiple promotional companies whose junk now fills out my mailbox.

I USED to love reading this magazine from cover to cover.

Yes, a year or two ago to anyone that is seriously into following healthy eating habits and getting the best coverage on fittness, I would have pointed to Men's Health w/no hesitation. I always try to explain to my friends that reading Flex and other muclebound magazines that feature roid pumped BB with their unrealistic exercise regimens is a waste of time. But now I don't necessarily direct them to MH because it has fallen off.

At first I didn't mind the articles about fashion and etiquette, who can't use a tip on those categories! But everyday more space is wasted on nonsense articles that have less to do with fitness or nutrition.

Now don't get me wrong, I still like the magazine. And to be honest you still get some good information from it, matter of fact it is still a bargain for the price of the subscribtion. But time is money and I have too many things going on in my life for me to read MH. I recommend "Men's Fitness" does what MH used to do and it is even more practical than MH ever was.

And that is what I need now a days, info that I can put to use...not a feature on briefs/boxers or [bedroom] secrets.


Men's Fitness has copied the ways of Men's Health, and it is even a worst offender when it comes to fluff material. I have found searching for books to be a better solution. I recommend the following:

- Starting Strength (2nd edition) by Mark Rippetoe
- Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating by M.D. Walter C. Willett

You can still subscribe to the magazines to keep in touch of what may be in the horizon, but those two books taught me a lot more than any number of magazine issues ever did.

Was More Consistent A Couple Of Years Ago.

This magazine offers plenty for its readers. Various advice on career issues, fitness, financial planning, sex, nutrition, style, weight loss, time management, and even recipes. It is clearly accessible and brief in its execution. Which is fine, since life can get rather hectic nowadays. It is somewhat similar to "Mens Journal." But, with far more attention on health and fitness. I deduct 1 star because it was better written in the past. Still, it is the best mens magazine available today.


I bought this for my fiance because he used to get the magazine a few years ago. It's a decent magazine for someone that has never had a subscription to it before. However, if you have had a subscription in the past, don't get it again. Why? Because it's the same thing, over and over again. Same articles, same tips, nothing different. Either save your money, or put your money towards a different fitness magazine.

IF you have never had a subscription to this magazine before, it's worth it to get it for a year. It's very informative about some things.

Not what is used to be...

When it first came out, Men's Health was a health magazine. Now it is a mildly amusing waste of paper. There is rarely anything new or revolutionary in it. They keep rehashing the same "health" news, and keep adding more and more articles about sex. The humor is nice, but not enough to make up for a lack of real health articles.

A guide for WASPs

I ended my subscription with Men's Health (MH) last month with difficulty. They required you to write in a letter stating you resign your subscription, even though I paid by check..??!! The articles are now mediocre and every issue seems more and more concerned with getting women in bed than focusing on health. Who cares that Prada has a new line of casual slip-ons? Not me. I'm not interested in Cartier wristwatches, either.