Reviews For Mens Health Magazine

sad to agree with "sad demise"

I wish it wasn't so, but it is. "Sad demise" hit the nail on the head. I used to be a faithful subscriber and even gave annual subscriptions to my 2 sons and son-in-law for Christmas. One by one they have asked me to drop or change the subscription. While there are still a few worthwhile items in each issue, the erosion of value is swift. Dittos on Greg Gutfeld too, I really miss his contributions.

Agreed, one year is all you need.

I subscribed to Men's Health for over two years and recently I've been going through the back issues to cut out some stuff for an art project and I can attest that 'there are only so many ab exercises one can do'. Every month there is a fold out workout plan /poster that focuses on a certain area of the body (abs, shoulders, legs, etc) and looking back it was pretty much the same stuff every month. I guess it would be good for someone that needs a new routine every now and then or a reminder of how to properly stay in form. The stuff in the beginning is usually diet and quick news bits about health, some sex-related Q&A, and well ads throughout. Go to your local market and pick up a copy. Go through it and just imagine every month being basically the same with minor tweaks in the info. There are good articles from time to time however. I would simply read these online if it happens to catch my interest from looking at the cover.

Quality has gone down hill

For several years I was a subscriber, but within the pas couple years it seems the quality has gone down. This magazine is no longer something that I enjoy reading every article of as I did in the past. I still get one or two copies a year, but its content has changed for the worse. Now it seems that its more focused on trends and trying to be hip in a metrosexual sort of way.

interesting only if you have a gym membership

I lost interest in this magazine long ago. It's the same bologna one issue after another. They don't have much to write about and what's left they fill with ads.

eh--it was ok.

I gave this subscription to my husband as a gift while he was in law school so he would have something else to read besides law books. He likes to exercise and keep fit but he was not overly impressed with this magazine. He like the first few magazines that came but the one's after that seemed to feature the same type of stories and had a lot of advertisments for things. We did not re-order.

Weak, but it does have Joe Quenan

Not a great magazine. They do now have Joe Quenan after the mororn who runs GQ now fired him. Workout articles can be found for free on the Menshealth website or other forums. Fashion is ok, realisticly priced (at least for me:). Maybe most importantly, it's NOT a sexist and misogynistic magazine such as FHM, Details, etc. They have some mindless fiction each month, also. I just wish someone could put it all together: fashion, fitness, current events.

Was a Good Magazine in the Past

In the mid-90's, Men's Health was a fantastic magazine. For the past few years, it has been nothing but a mouthpiece for nationalized healthcare, taxation on "sinful" foods, and other bad ideas designed to limit personal freedoms. It still has a few good tips from time-to-time, but you have to be willing to overlook a lot of nonsense to find them.

For Exercise Routines not so good

I do not like this magazine, I have tried to like it but find it to full of junk, lot of ads, to few infomation regarding exercise routines and sometimes I found two very different advise of the same thing in the same issue so I am left confused, go at take a look if you like it get a subscription if you don't buy instead Men's Workout or Exercise for Men Only, more stuff in less pages and more to the point.

This is a womans version of Maxum

I can not imagine a straight guy wanting this magazine. Is has some decent health tips but seriously, why does a man want to see ripped guys in marble sacks. They were going directly into the trash half way through the year (after the wife got a look at them).

Sad demise

Men's Health used to be a top-notch magazine with great writers and helpful and innovative articles for all men. Writers like Greg Gutfeld and Denis Boyles gave the magazine a sharp wit and truly made the magazine a stand-out. They turned up their noses at political correctness and wrote what most others wouldn't dare. The writers were real men (and women) who weren't afraid of putting their reputations on the line. They told it like it was, not how the advertisers wanted you to hear it.

However, they're all gone and all that's left is an emaciated skeleton of articles that are not interesting, innovative, or remotely intelligent. In fact, the only men I know who look at it now are my gay friends, for the great pictures of muscles on the cover and inside. But they, also, are too smart and savvy to waste their time on the lame articles. I don't know what happened to the management of that magazine, but somebody made some devastating decisions. I've never seen a magazine go from being truly one-of-a-kind to just a faceless jumble of paper and staples among the crowd. If you want articles on fitness, almost any other magazine will be better than Men's Health. The newest teeny bopper rag will have deeper articles on relationship than Men's Health. They assume the average guy is extremely insecure and has a sub-standard IQ. This magazine had a great thing going, and they blew it. Big time. Don't waste your time or money.