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Magazine Subscription

This subscription started promptly and was exactly what I'd ordered. I'm willing to try another magazine from this company. Very satisfied!

Happy customer

I ordered a year of Good Housekeeping and I started receiving it in record time.

Need info from an article from several months ago

You had an article showing a place in Westport, Conn. that makes transfer ware tiles. They were shown on a fireplace.
Please help...need address.

The Exception that Proves the Rule

If you've read very many of my magazine reviews you know that I often rail against so called "women's magazines". I am disgusted by their total lack of respect for the reader; their pandering; their manipulation; their articles which are really ads in disguise; and most of all the fact the fully three quarters of their pages are devoted to advertisements.
When picked up Good Housekeeping I expected the same. In fact, I expected worse. The title seemed so belittling, so vaguely misogynistic that I assumed this magazine would be the worst of them all.
I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

While the magazine does have a lot of ads, there seems to be a reasonable balance between pages devoted to articles and pages devoted to advertising. This is a pleasant change from the norm in women's magazines.

The articles are not only well written, but of a high quality of thought as well. The writers seem to be truly motivated to inform, and help the magazine's readership. This is done without pandering, or condescending. There are the obligatory celebrity profile fluff pieces, but I fear that in todays society these sort of articles are unavoidable.

One of the most useful articles I encountered in the several issues I read was focused on junk mail, and what one can do to eliminate it from their life. The article profiled one woman's attempts to live free of junk mail. It offered real advice that seemed useful, and spelled out exactly how to go about getting yourself removed from offending mailing lists.

In another issue there was an article by former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan (Author of What I saw at the Revolution) detailing her strange joy at the news that Green Stamps were being ressurected. It was a nostalgic, and interesting piece.

Good Housekeeping is filled with articles like these. It is certainly a step up from most other magazines of its type.


Recommended For: Anyone

Good All over

"Good Housekeeping." Now here is a magazine that offers a little of all the things I love in one place.

I have had copies of "Good Housekeeping" around for years, and this fact will not change soon, let me assure you. "Good Housekeeping" is a magazine that not only offers helpful, but practical, tips for woman with families, but also for woman who play, cook, work, and live. I believe that applies to everyone, in one way or another.

The recipes are delicious, the articles are fresh, the covers are eye catching, and the advice is always welcomed. One of my favorite things about "Good Housekeeping" are the interviews. This magazine approaches various celebrities in a "down to earth" manner that allows the reader to see the celebrity as a person. You learn their thoughts, hopes, fears, and how they view the same issues that concern you.

In addition, there are recipes. Wonderful, practical, easy to use recipes. Over the years I have collected hundreds upon hundreds of recipes which are not just cut out, pasted on index cards and filed away "just in case." These recipes are well used and approved by my husband and three boys. My husband has even begun looking through my old issues to find something that he would like to prepare.

"Good Housekeeping" is not a magazine for just anyone. It is a magazine for everyone.


Not just for Married Women...

I'm 19, and have been reading Good Housekeeping since I was eight. It was always lying around the house and I liked the recipes and crafts. As I've grown older, the cleaning and time-saving tips have become more practical. The advertisements pertain to the content in the magazine, which is something I appreciate.

The clothing in the magazine is definetely not for me. Very basic and a little out of my age bracket. But I'll grow into that part for sure. The recipes are absolutely awesome, even for a college kid. The gardening articles have been modified to fit my dorm room window and plant hanger. Child-rearing advice has been stored away and applied to my job in a children's retail clothing store.

I like the practicalness of this magazine. If only something similar was geared towards my age group. But, like I said, I'll grow into it. And until then, I'm not ashamed to pick it up at the newstand. Today's college student cooks, cleans, manages money, and has meaningful relationships.


Good Housekeeping

When my mother-in-law first gave me a subscription to Good Housekeeping, I wondered if she was commenting on my actual housekeeping abilities (or lack thereof). I have decided that instead she was actually giving me the gift of entertainment for every month of the year.

Good Housekeeping always has interesting articles about celebrities, inspirational articles about people overcoming their problems, a good financial column, a helpful column about health, another good full of housekeeping tips... it's an enjoyable general magazine.

Some of the articles are actually useful; I recently read one about doctors selling pills that aren't exactly prescriptions, but instead herbal supplements... some of which can even be dangerous. A few months ago Good Housekeeping published several articles about standardized testing in schools, highlighting the benefits and the drawbacks. A recent article about fires in homes caused me to re-assess our toaster oven and to vacuum out my dryer lint!

Like many women's magazines, it does suffer a bit from a kind of schizophrenia... there is inevitably a diet of the month included, followed up by numerous recipes that don't remotely follow the diet.

My favorite thing, however, is opening it up every month to look at the beautiful photos of the delicious food I could cook or bake. (I totally ignore the diet advice preceding these recipes.) The recipes are usually quite easy and they always end up tasting great. While many of the recipes are meat-based, Good Housekeeping regularly includes vegetarian fare as well. For me, the desserts are always a highlight!

In my view, the weakest point of this magazine is the rather predictable fiction that it publishes. Usually there is a woman falling in love with a man and there is an obstacle in the way. A good story basic, to be sure, but it can begin to get repetitive. On the other hand, the fiction is pretty mainstream and easy to understand, unlike some other publications in which the short stories or novel abridgements just make you say, "huh?!"

If you aren't a subscriber to Good Housekeeping, but you want to try it out sometime, I'd highly recommend picking up the November or the December issue. Along with other holiday ideas, there are always 25 or 30 new Christmas cookie recipes to try, as well as ideas for easy things to bake for holiday gifts.

I like Good Housekeeping, and I enjoy getting it in the mail every month. It is my favorite of the mainstream women's magazines.


Recommended For: Anyone

More than Housekeeping!

Good Housekeeping is unlike so many of todays magazines that focus on a woman's appearance and sex life. So much of the media seems to pressure women into believing that their priority should be looking really, really good and of course being really good in bed. Many magazines of today imply that women should focus on pleasing a man.

Am I saying that Good Housekeeping doesn't cover these issues? Of course not. Good Housekeeping recognizes that relationships and appearances are important to everyone and cover these issues, but they also realize that women care about much more than that!

Each monthly issue of Good Housekeeping features timely information on everything from finances and recalls of products to fascinating interviews and short stories. Even my husband finds some of the information in this magazine interesting.

Its great to read the mini novel included in each issue without being committed to reading a whole book. I love the special recipe section they include each month with a different theme. I wish that the pages of the cookbook section were all together for saving.

For the price this is a good buy!!


Recommended For: Anyone

Great Find!

I was recently given a subscription to this magazine as a gift.I was kind of skeptical-I'm usually a Cosmo type of gal-not much into more homey type of magazines.I am so glad I gave this magazine the benefit of a doubt.It is full of interesting stories that hold your attention.There are lots of recipes which are a must-have for anyone who likes to cook.There is a list of recipes and the pages they can be found on included in each issue which makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

This magazine features a section on household tips designed to save you time with everyday jobs.Like other magazines,they also feature a section on advice with dealing with certain situations as well as etiquette.

All in all,this magazine is full of useful information.If you crave a good cover to cover read,this is the magazine for you!


I love Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping Magazine is a great subscription to get. I have been reading it for over three years now and I love it so much for various reasons.
One of my favorite segments in this magazine is "Ask Heloise". Heloise always has great tips that you would never even think of using!
Ask Peggy is a good section to read on proper ettiquette. Each article in ask Peggy gives a scenario and then 3 people say what they would do, and Peggy gives the correct answer.
I like how Good Housekeeping also features articles on beauty, fitness, health, and nutrition. Each month is packed full of great ideas and tips that I am sure to use.
Every month they have the Good Housekeeping Book Picks, which I like to read to see if any of them would interest me. A lot of the time, I have never heard of these books so it is a great way for me to learn about new authors and books.
The subscription that I got was two years for the price of one, which is a great deal. Even if I had to pay full price for two years, it would be well worth it.


Recommended For: Anyone