Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Solid Magazine

Since I frequently ended up purchasing this magazine while shopping, I decided to order a subscription while they were running a special price. I've just gotten one issue so far, but it's loaded with interesting articles, delicious recipes, and household shortcuts. It's worth the price, especially when on sale. :)

Practical Guide

Although my subscription has not started yet, I have been a subscriber in the past. Good Housekeeping covers a broad range of subjects pertinent to the busy working woman who is also responsible for being a homemaker.
The information is dependable and practical.

Wife likes it.

See wife reading it pretty often so it must be good. I am a straight man so I don't read it.

To the person from the UK...

Ok, so you wrote in forever ago and will probably not see this... Size 8-16 in USA clothing is equivalent to about size 16-32 in the UK. As you can see, this magazine targets the average American woman.

Good House keeping magazine for a bad house keeper.

That's what I said to my husband when my first issue arrived. I had never read this magazine, but I wanted to subscribe some magazine for home/family related, so I decided to try this one. (actually my subscription was gift from Coca Cola reward program, 2 choice for home/family related magazines- Red Book or Good Housekeeping). Since I am a house wife, I enjoyed most articles and advertising in the my first issue, but info in this magazine were not so new or special (I thought it was something new and useful that not many people have not known yet) like.. I'd found info about how to check cheapest gas in our area, I told my husband about it and recommended him to check the web site, but he (a man who was not supposed to be interested in saving money or clipping coupon thing) said he had already known the site.
also in the issue, there was an article about something you have owned but never known you have such as you can play music CD in DVD player or can play DVD/music CD in your computer, video camera in digital camera etc.. Even I know that thing, I can't believe this magazine had to boast such knowledge to readers!! (even my 2 year old daughter knows that she can watch DVD in my computer). I expect much new info from this magazine in the future. Recipe in the issue was good (Chicken meat loaf recipe I was interested in ths issue.. I am from Japan, Beef is expensive in my country, so it was very common that we use half-beef and half pork, store actually sell such meat, but I forgot about mixed or changing meat thing for cooking while I was in US, changing ingredients to make same recipe is something new and not difficult to make, so it was a good idea). anyway I am looking forward for the next issue.


Recommended For: Shoppers

middle of the road magazine

This is a "return" of Redbook and a pictorial "Reader's Digest." The stories are about interesting people and are well-written, but not deep. I can read the whole thing in one hour. I subscribed for house decorating and garden advice, but the magazine emphasizes health and beauty. I intend to look elsewhere.

Good overall magazine.

The best part are the product reviews that they do, everything else is your normal home magazine information. For Consumer products testing, I'd rather go with Consumer Reports. A good magazine overall, but I can only give it 3 stars since most of its content did not appeal to me.

Newer format make this no longer a unique product

My grandmother and mother both subscribed to this magazine and I grew up reading it. Over the last 10+ years this has morphed from being a unique THICK magazine that you could read over several days to one that can be flipped through in a short time, then recycled. It now contains largely the same type of information, articles and stories as numerous other magazines out there. My sister dropped this a number of years ago and I comtemplate it every time my subscription comes up. It has gone from being a magazine I looked forward to receiving to one where I look at it when I get around to it.

Magazine Perp

I was a little dissappointed in the lack of meaningful content in this magazine. Remembering how it was in the past, it seemed to me that there were way to many ads.

Okay magazine, lots of fluff

I am pretty addicted to girly magazines and while this one has some neat content and good variety, there is a lot of filler and the articles seem pretty short.