Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

How Good is Good Housekeeping?

I subscribe to this magazine as well as several other women's magazines and find that it is very informative, up to date and interesting. Each month has fashion, food, decorating ideas and I find that I refer back to past issues quite often. The medical information is current and you can find information on most women's health issues. I also like the section that reviews household products and rates them for performance, and value. I don't like the frequency that some famous personalities make their covers. It seems sometimes that one person is on them all the time. Overall, I enjoy getting this magazine in the mail and will probably continue my subscription for some time to come.



I always stop and read this magazine in the market, ive just never had the time to buy one personally for myself, but my mom gets this magazne and she always gives it to me when she is done.
I think this magazine is a very good one, especially for the house wife or a home maker, or a home owner. It shows pictures of beautiful houses and decorating ideas. From this magazine i have gotten some of the greatest decorating idea for my home. From curtains to teddy bears, to couches etc, it is wonderful.This magazine also has some recipes in the back and i have tried them as well and they are very delicious too. I believe this is a great magazine if you are a woman with a home to yourself!


An old standby

You will be pleasantly surprised with Good Housekeeping. It is a good combination of household tips, good wholesome stories, parental advice, and health tips. I buy this magazine for the reality it provides.

In the November 2000 issue, Katie Couric is on the cover, wearing normal clothes and you will find NO sex talk on this cover! My favorite article was the one about fire safety. It was very informative.

The article that didn't tickle my fancy was the one entitled "Knock on Wood", about superstitions. What a bunch of hooey.

A few articles I truly enjoyed included "surprise surprise", talking about incredible makeovers for twins-it was fun to read and not too heavy. Another was "Oh, those aching feet!". This piece gives new advice, and things you can do at home to soothe your sore feet.

Overall, Good Housekeeping is a great magazine for just about any woman!


Recommended For: Anyone

Cool Rosie

I have read the Rosie story that your magazine put together, I would like to commend you on a great job done. Rosie is a very open and fair person and her kids are lucky to have her as a mother. I would like to commend Rosie on her generosity to others especially children she is always looking out for the needs of them. I would suggest to others to take the time to get to know her before they judge the fact that she is single raising 2 children. I would love the opportunity to let her know that I think she is outstanding and gives me a person to reach for in the being the best I can be.


So Far So Good

The price was right for a monthly magazine. I love the sections on housecleaning tips and anything on home decor.

Good Housekeeping

I have read Good Housekeeping for over 30 years and have had a subscription for most of that time. It almost always has topics I can relate to. My favorite magazine.

good price

Great buy for the price.Does have lots of ads but makes up
with good enough content.

Its an okay read

Seems like every magazine is the same. Someone losing weight, a few recipes, and few product reviews. Nothing really great.

Good Housekeeping

I recently order the Good Housekeeping for such a low price I couldn't resist it. I had never really looked thru this magazine before but I really love it. Has good articles and the recipes are very good.

Up to date

Filled with articles that are up to date in fashion and new products. It also has great recipes.