Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

Best magazine for women

The magazine surprised me by coming earlier than I expected. I love this magazine because it isn't overrun with ads and it has a little of everything - projects for mothers of school age and younger kids for holiday crafts, tips for keeping a house clean and organized, human interest stories and this is the only general magazine that I get that has short story fiction pieces in it.

Good Magazine

I have had this magazine for along time and have never been disappointed in it. Lots of helpful hints and interesting articles.

Overall great magazine

This magazine is always full of interesting information. I enjoy reading it each month. I particularly like the article written by Geneen Roth in each issue...very insightful...

light reading

I bought this magazine as a gift. It arrived within one month of the order which is fast based on my orders directly from BH&G and Harpers Bazaar,

I Love This Magazine

I really enjoy a new issue of Good Housekeeping every month. I like all the useful information in each issue. I've been getting Good Housekeeping for three years now, and I am 18. I find magazine's like Good Housekeeping interesting, and useful, because it has information on cooking recipes, decorating, how to save money, and everything else. Good Housekeeping is the best magazine in this category. Good Housekeeping is a have to have magazine. I think Good Housekeeping will be around forever, because it's already been around for over 100 years.

Still a great magazine!

This subscription was a Christmas gift for my grown daughter and it was on sale at a fantastic price so I couldn't have asked for anything more! I bought this magazine individually a lot for myself and it was so helpful on so many subjects and so relaxing to read at the end of a hard and hectic day. It is still, in my opinion, quality after so many years in business but if you want heavy duty articles with stars, I'd suggest you try elsewhere.


I got my first issue in less than a month from my order date. Amazing! I read this mag mostly for the holiday ideas and recipes and it is wonderful that they got the subscription started so quickly because now I won't miss the holiday issues.

A must read magazine

The first time I read Good Housekeeping magazine I was very impressed by it and Iam glad to say that the impression has kept up through out the 2 years I have been reading it.This magazine has a wealth of information Home,cooking,General information,wonderful tips which are absolutely necessary in life and great articles that helped me in different ways. After reading even one issue of this magazine you will know the difference.

Fast service

Only took a couple weeks (maybe 3 weeks at the most) for the subscription to start. Very nice!

Mrs Ligor

I subscribed a number of magazines during past three years.
And had never been disapointed.