Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

Best Magazine on the Market

I have subscribed to Good Housekeeping for over 30 years and it is still my favorite magazine. It has something for every woman: recipes, fashion tips, stories, informative articles. I read over 20 magazines a month. This one is the best!

love this mag

i love this magazine because it has so many different articles, recipes, tips,'s informative and entertaining without being trashy or gossipy. i think it appeals to alot of different age groups too. also, hearst publishing is very reliable and delivery has always been good on anything i've ordered through them.

Love Good Housekeeping

I remember reading Good Housekeeping when I was 13 years old. I would lie on my parent's bed and read from cover to cover. Twenty six years later I still read cover to cover whenever I have a chance. I am so happy that I am not getting it mailed to my house every month.

Really Enjoy!

I found many interesting articles, not just about "Good Housekeeping", but many other areas. The recipes look delicious! I'm trying a couple of them for Mother's Day.

Good Housekeeping - Great magazine

This magazine has so much helpful information for mothers, housewives, young women. Latest information concerning health, cosmetics, styles and cooking.


I got this for my grandma as a gift and she likes it so 5 stars!

great magazine fast shipping

I enjoy reading this magazine. There are always lots of things to read and new tips about home and family.

Good Housekeeping

Excellent, up-to-date topics and articles. Modern format along with the traditional columns that you have loved from the past.

Best women's magazine

I have been receiving this magazine since the 1970's. It has gone through many changes, several editors,but it's core values never changed. It catered to me as a young 20 something. Now I am a 50, almost 60 something. It is still my number one favorite magazine.

I love it!

Good housekeeping magazine is a household item since my mom back home,always make it a point to buy it monthly. Very informative, very educational and good company whereever you are. This mag updates you to everyday news and interests a woman should know. Great magazine!