Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

Best magazine for my Mom!

My mom loves to look and read magazines about anything and everything that has to do about HOME.

Out of all the magazines out their for women, my Mom thinks that 'Good Housekeeping' is the BEST MAGAZINE. Almost every night before she retires to bed, she's looking at her Good Housekeeping. Because my Mom enjoys this magazine, I give it '5' GOLDEN STARS.

Donald M.

Helpful article

I've subscribed to Good Housekeeping for years. My criteria for whether I renew a magazine is based on how many pages I turn down in an issue. I go back through and cut out recipes, review websites, save articles and clip coupons. Good Housekeeping continues to consistently deliver.

Best all around women's magazine

It may have been around since your grandma or mother but it is still one of the best out there. Very helpful ideas to run your house and live. They have done a great job of updating it over the years so it applies now more than ever.

what a deal!

The Good Housekeeping name stands alone for quality, but the price of this subscription and the speed with which our first copy was delivered was AMAZING!
I am very very pleased with this purchase.

Good housekeeping

Had not read the magazine in years. Only orderd it because it was really cheap. Got my first one and was surprised by how much great stuff was in it! Nice variety. I am really glad to have ordered it!

A Classic Magazine

Magazines have changed over the years, and Good Houskeeping has also, but it always seemed to be a part of my home when I was growing up, so I continue to read it to this day. Good ideas and information in an easy to read and well designed format. I have let some subscriptions go, but continue on with GH because it is worth to have.

Good Housekeeping

This subscription was offered a terrific price. I was unable to refuse the offer. And the first issue arrived in a short time.

Only magazine I consistently order year after year

I luv, luv, luv the organization of this magazine. The Best Products section is my favorite. It is the most enjoyable, practical and most of all full of useful information magazine on the market. I have dropped Southern Living, formerly my favorite, and Better Home and Gardens. I do still get Prevention which I plan not to renew. I do enjoy Guideposts.

Great Mag for All Ages

When I was a teenager, I used to skim through my mother's GOOD HOUSEKEEPING magazine and found things of interest. When I was married and in my 20's, I found even more things of interest; and somewhere along the way, my daughter started getting it in her 20's and loved it!
Now, here I am into my 60's and have re-discovered an old friend.
This is a super magazine with something interesting to most anyone, even the menfolks.
Back in the "Olde Days" of the 50's-60's, the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval was what you always looked for on an item before you bought it. It has real merit and meaning.

Love the Magazine!

I really enjoy Good Housekeeping magazine. It has wonderful relevant articles and I love their reviews! Top of the line reviews on many types of products. As a magazine junkie, I highly recommend Good Housekeeping. One of my favorites.