Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Reading

If I had to pick just one women's magazine to subscribe to, "Good Housekeeping" would be the one. It has many of the same articles that all women's magazines have: articles on health, fitness, finance, relationships, diet, beauty, and fashion. But "Good Housekeeping" goes beyond the surface in these articles, for example, their fashion articles don't focus just on high-priced clothing, instead they show outfits that look like their expensive counterparts that readers can buy for just a fraction of the cost. There are also advice columnists on things like household hints, etiquette, and relationships. Each issue also has a short story. There's also the seemingly obligatory celebrity on the cover and interview inside each issue.

What I like about "Good Housekeeping" are the in-depth articles. Most magazines today publish articles that are only a page or so long, but many articles in "Good Housekeeping" are several pages long. The articles are often about ordinary people making a difference in the world. There are usually cautionary articles for parents with young children and/or teenagers that can be frightening (a recent article was about a sexually abusive male babysitter) but very useful. As with many magazines, Good Housekeeping also has an on-line counterpart, where readers can post messages about current issues as well as enter contests.

Well worth subscribing to.

A must read!!!

With great advice and timely articles for women, Good Housekeeping is a must read! From Dear Heloise to Short Stories, GH has it all. Recent changes, in the past year, due to a new editor have kept GH fresh and constantly up-to-date. Articles are geared to young and old alike, working Moms, to women-in-general. I'm not a fan of cooking, yet its recipes are easy to prepare, and I always find at least one my family loves in each issue!

Great Magazine

"Good Housekeeping" has great ideas on how to remove spots on the rug to your tile, where you can find great bargains in clothes and make-up, how to cope with stress or a lossed one, easy food recipes, activities or crafts that can be enjoyed with children, and real life stories of success. I think this is a great magazine for woman who run a household and are looking for new ways to decorate, clean, learn about new products or ideas, and enjoy heart warming stories. My mom has had a subscription all her married life, and I seem to be following in her footsteps.

Not Just for Older Readers!

I bought this magazine last year when it was on sale just to see what it was about. I'll admit, I had many preconceived notions about it. I thought it was going to feature articles that I didn't relate to - and content mainly geared at my Mother and Grandmother's generations.

I was wrong. I'm in my mid-20s and this is by far one of my favorite magazines. Hands down. It has great, very relevant articles that will apply to any woman, marriage, and home. The advice is amazing and I love the recipes and kitchen ideas.

I also have to add that my 19 year old brother in law commented recently that it had some pretty good articles on relationships!

I highly recommend it. I just renewed early so as to not miss an issue. It's really worth the price. You wont regret it - no matter your age!

Enjoying it!

I get this subscription for my mom but am happy to get to read it too. It's a magazine full of money tips, interesting articles, great reviews on products, and fun new recipes to try. I really enjoy it.

magazine subscription

This was a very easy subscription. It came in a a timely manner and was much cheaper than anywhere else I could subscribe.

How did I get this far without this magazine??

I think there can be no better magazine value of its type. I have particularly enjoyed the recipe section, but it is all good. Why didn't somebody tell me?

More a community than a magazine

Good Housekeeping has it all - wonderful recipes, health tips, diet tips, articles, parenting advice, product reviews - and delivers it with the warmth of a beloved next door neighbor. Buy a subscription in companion with Woman's Day for the best in women's reading.

Look forward to every issue!

The magazine is well written and informational. It is the only one that I continuously subscribe to.

Good Housekeeping

I have never gotten this magazine but love it. I regularly read Southern Living, Real Simple, The Week and lots of Cooking Magazines and find this one fills another niche.