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GOOD Magazine/Good Housekeeping

I first remember reading this magazine as a child. My mother didn't subscribe to it, but my grandmother did. The only problem with that was my grandmother lived in another state. Whenever we would visit during the holidays or summer vacation, I would find every issue of Good Housekeeping and read them in order, from cover to cover. I enjoyed the articles and the short stories. I remember that sometimes a condensed version of a novel would be there, too.

When I graduated from high school, I left to live in Argentina for several years. My mother sent me a subscription to Good Housekeeping. It was great! I had something to read in English and I had some great American recipes to use to prepare foods for my Argentine friends. I learned to make cinnamon rolls from the series "Susie Learns to Cook"

I have had a subscription for 25+ years now. It is still my favorite, although I wish it had more short stories. And I haven't seen the shortened version of a novel in a while either. The recipes continue to be a great addition to my arsenal. I especially like to try out the ideas for special holiday meals. Another great category are the quick and low-fat recipes, almost always to be found in every issue.



Good Housekeeping is a must for any home. No matter how long you've been housekeeping you will find something of interest to you. Good Housekeeping is jam packed with articles, it covers the basics like home decorating, each issue has mouth watering recipes that are easy to understand and there are always helpful hints to help your home run smoother. I can read an issue of Good Housekeeping from cover to cover and still when I read it again I will find something else of interest. I recommend Good Housekeeping to anyone who feels that it takes a special something to make a house a home. Good Housekeeping will help you find that special something.


Good Housekeeping is Great!

I subscribe to this magazine and have for about 2 years. It has articles on food, fashion, women's issues, parenting, decorating, and many other topics. I first looked through one of these magazines at the doctor's office and loved it, even though I was only 22 and single with no children. I still love it. This magazine keeps me entertained for hours.

Each month features a great celebrity interview, along with a magazine full of tips and ideas. I love the informative product reports, along with a recall list at the back of the magazine. And since I am expecting my first child, the parenting information will be great also! I will definitely keep my subscription renewed each year.


Love Good Housekeeping

I have been a subscriber to this magazine for five years. Before that I borrowed my mom's issues.

I like the variety of subjects that this magazine offers including,
recipes, fashion, parenting, and decorating tips.

There is a celebrity interview each month. I always enjoy reading these and Good Housekeeping seems to write about deeper issues with these people than just the "showbiz" fluff that so many others cover.

The short fiction pieces that are in each issue are enjoyable, also. They are easy to read and can be finished in the little spare time I have.

I appreciate the fact that advertising is kept to a minimum unlike some magazines where the articles seem to get lost between the ads.

I definitely recommend this magazine.


If you can only get one, make it this one!

There are so many "women's" magazines out there that it's hard to find time to read them all. If I had to pick one, it would be Good Housekeeping. Not only does it encompass all age groups, but it is
fairly priced and well researched. I love the "good housekeeping seal of approval" on items you might want to try, but are not sure of!

The best thing about this magazine is that it is NOT only for young
women, young mothers, middle aged, etc. It is for all ages. I have been reading it for years, since I was a young mother - up to now when I am a grandmother. Sometimes I ask for a subscription for a gift, other times I gift myself with it!

There is a wide range of interesting topics as regular features....
money management, housecleaning, and even web sites of interest. It
often features good short stories not offensive to most readers.

Most people seem to like it for its recipes, but I love the decorating
ideas... they could use more of those (my only gripe!).


Recommended For: Anyone

Best Buy for Women

I have subscribed to Good Housekeeping for over 30 years. It has offered information for me every month through all of the stages of my life. As a newly wed, there were plenty of new recipes to try out. As a young mother, there were articles on raising children of all different ages. As a widow and single again, there are articles about women managing their finances or starting their own businesses. And always every month there are condensed novels and short stories to read. Monthly columns; such as Household Helpline, Etiquette for Today, Light Housekeeping, Money Watch, and Intimate Advice, have tons for up-to-date information for todays woman. Although the writers of some of these monthly columns have passed on, there have been relatives to take their place and continue the column in the same form as it was. In recent years there has been great articles about the "real" life of famous people. These have especially been a favorite of mine,since I enjoy biographies.I do not feel you can get a better buy in a magazine!


This magazine is great on so many levels.

I am nineteen years old with a two and a half year old daughter, but I really look forward to getting this magazine. It is surprisingly helpful, even to me. It offers great meal ideas. I think almost every issue has at least one recipe that I clip out. I am especially loving this magazine around Christmas time. It has given me quite a few gift ideas for my friends and family, that won't cost me much and will still be extremely tasteful. My favorite is one where you get a cute glass jar and fill it layer by layer with the dry ingredients of a batch of cookies. Then you decorate it with a bow or something nice and attach baking directions. My scissors are working overtime clipping out all these great holiday recipes and gift ideas! This isn't the only magazine I like though. Family Circle has also given me great help in most of the same areas.


Superb and Fun Reading

I would consider this magazine to be ageless. By this, I mean that it changes with the times and appeals to people of all ages. You get the feeling that the editors are in touch with reality and today's lifestyles. Not only that, I have caught the man in my life 'sneak reading' it. Articles are current. Topics range from celebrity highlights to focuses on common people. The regular features relate to a typical woman (or man). Recipes are timely, sensible and easy to follow as are craft suggestions. Household tips are helpful and I often find myself cutting articles out to save for future reference. The novels are enjoyable. I like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and trust the products advertised in the magazines. I originally bought a subscription for my Mother 20 years ago, but quickly subscribed on my own. I would say this is one of the best all around woman's magazine. My 17 year old stepdaughter is now an avid reader.

If you only want one magazine, this is the one to get!


GoodHouseKeeping,what more can you ask for?

My mom always had each month's copy of GoodhouseKeeping in our home. I grew up on it,and today I still enjoy reading this magizine,even now it still reminds me of mom,who passed away a few years back.Though over the years,I feel it's gotten so much better!GoodHouseKeeping keeps adding something new every month.

I enjoy all the stories about people,and their real life stories. I also think that the section"The Better Way", is very informative,it has tid bits on everything. I really enjoy the selection of recipes,I have tried, some of these,and they are "Soo,oo good!

I like the fashions for woman, it's down to earth"something we can really wear",but there is a whole lot more to look at.How about all these features?

consumer sense
Health&well being
and so much more. Why not pick up a copy today? I have for years subscribed to this magizine,and will continue to do so. Thanks to mom,I know my two year old will actually be reading this magizine in time,and tearing out her favorite pages :}


Great Celebrity Interviews!!!

I love Good Housekeeping magazine. It is always informative and interesting. The celebrity articles are usually family-oriented, which I like. It's nice to know that the "rich and famous" have children who throw temper tantrums and need help with potty-training too.

I have always been happy with their handling of even 'sensitive' issues. GH seems to treat their interviews with more care than most other magazines do. I have read articles with families of plane crash victims, and have been impressed with their kindness in not giving information that would hurt the family.

GH also is very involved in getting information out quickly, especially on medical issues. My aunt didn't realize she had diabetes until she read the symptoms in GH! She made an appointment the next day, which saved her life. Her blood sugar was so high that she would have been in a coma had she waited much longer!

I subscribe to GH. It is a great magazine, with high journalistic standards and without the 10 pages (in a row!) of ads that are beginning to appear in other "reputable" mags. Reader's Digest comes to mind here.