Reviews For Good Housekeeping Magazine

good ol' housekeeping?

It has been a while since I read Good Housekeeping, and apparently it has been too long. I'm not sure how I feel about the tips from the 50, 60 and 70's in the magazine. It is interesting historically, but is it really relevant for today?

Good Housekeeping Magazine

I guess I thought this magazine would still be like it was when I was growing up, and I don't think that it is. It just to me was more advertisements and articles, nothing about decorating, things on a budget, or of interest to me. I did get the magazine in about two weeks after ordering, so I was happy about that.

too much emphasis on "green"

Not everyone is an environmentalist wacko. I do not obsess about "going green" or worry about "saving the planet", as if it were in my power to do so. The Bible warns about those who "changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator" Romans 1:25.
There are also too many ads.

Recognise your subscribers!

What age are you aiming for?
I have bought ypur recent magazine & the clothes featured are sizes 8-16 (max)Pleaaaaaase!!! If I wanted this sort of mag I'd borrow my younger friends magazines. BUT they would not be seen dead reading Good Housekeeping. Wise up. Feature larger sizes. If your fashion afficionados are that much out of touch (my friends say so) then they can come to me for advice

Not so good housekeeping

I have been enjoying several magazines for the past 3 months, compliments of a credit card promotion (at the end I do not pay anything unless I want to keep receiving the particular magazine). I am not very impressed with Good Housekeeping's articles' depth. In a recent issue they boasted an "interview" with Meg Ryan (one of my very favorite actresses!); the entire article featured maybe five quotes from Ms. Ryan and one from her husband, Mr. Quaid. The rest of the several page writing were just musings and opinions of the author. There was an amusing article on the past Century's inventions and how our lives have been made all the better for having them around (such as hair blowers, panty hose, pampers, etc., but again, lacking in substance.

Compared to say, Woman's Day, I find that Good Housekeeping is best at sponsoring and testing household items and products, but their coverage of
personalities in depth leaves a bit to be desired.

I would recommend publications such as Woman's Day, Family Circle, McCall's to the busy woman executive who wants to relax once in a while with a good up to date magazine that covers everything form a good interview to well written "how-to" articles.


I don't learn anything!

I ordered this because I wanted a magazine that was all around, something like Martha Stewart, but not too high browed and undo-able. However, I've gotten 2 magazines already and I feel that it's kinda worthless. I don't get enough recipes. I don't get enough relevant articles. I think the magazine's articles are too general and I just don't like the articles too much. I would say that I got what I paid for - basically nothing.

Same boring things, again and again

There is nothing in the least stimulating for the mind or creativity here. I found most of what was in this very cliched. It seems the plan is the same every month - the "follow the ADA food pyramid," "put your food on a saucer to think it is substantial," "get more exercise," "I survived cancer," and so forth. It is half "positive thinking," but otherwise a denial that anyone has a mind, heart, or soul. The feature articles are very poor quality, such as the Elizabeth Post quasi-etiquette, wherein one may not share news of an event with friends without saying "no gifts please," and friends are looking for others to meddle in their lives (what is polite about having a friend who wonders if her dress fits well being told to go to a gym class?)

The other reviewer who said "not enough" is quite right.

Not much too it

Every now and then there's a good recipe. But it takes me about 9 minutes to read through the whole mag.

Good Housekeeping Review

My subscription was for a year. But the subscription office stopped sending the magazines even before the subscription expired. I would suggest people subscribe to Good Housekeeping directly instead.

For the desperate-to-lose-weight housewife

Was once an excellent, reliable mag, with all sorts of helpful information on different subjects. Now, it's mostly adverts with a few pages of info and recipes here and there, and half of it seems to be geared toward housewives who are intent upon watching every calorie. I guess if you're ocd about your weight and you're looking for another way to beat yourself up, this is for you.