Reviews For Dogster Magazine

I love this Magazine

I wait for this mag every month. It has great articals and loads of info. for any one with a dog or puppy this is a must.I love Dog Fancey and have been getting it for years.

Wonderful magazine

For dog lovers, this magazine is the best. I recommend it highly ESPECIALLY for those who've never owned a dog before.

Look Forward to Each Issue

One of the better dog magazines I've read. Has different monthly breed reviews, great articles which are informative and personal.

Granddaughter's favorite magazine

My granddaughter loves dogs. She studies and reads about every breed. She loves the magazine because it is a source of wonderful pictures and lots information she shares with the whole family. My granddaughter is eight years old.

Great Magazine for Dog Lovers

I ordered this for my girlfriend and she loves it, reading it cover to cover. I have only one issue, the delivery. The magazine always arrives weeks late. I don't know if the publication has control over this but there are time-sensitive contests in the rag that my girlfriend loves to participate in. With that said, we'll continue to order this well done magazine for dog lovers.

Great mag

Great magazine I look forward to new issues every month. The best dog subscription in my opinion.

Great Magazine for Dog Lovers

I have been reaading Dog Fancy for 3 years and look forward each month to get it. I read it from cover to cover and have gotten lots of good tips from it. I am the owner of a 4 yr old german Shepherd. Great Great magazine.

Best and first magazine ever!

These are amazing they give you tips on how to train your dog posters and info about three different breeds.
I am almost 13 and I have two dogs a Australian cattle dog mix and a Purebred border collie and trust me they have the same activity level
I have. Dog fancy was a big help i read about things I have not even heard about.

The best price

I have been buying these at a Pet Store since I recently got a puppy. You can not beat this price and it comes to your home. I know you will also enjoy it. Do not hesitate to get it and enjoy the time you get to read it.

A friend from MI

Dog Fancy is the magazine for dog lovers!

Dog Fancy magazine contains excellent articles on caring for your pet, along with good training ideas and breeder information. I particularly like the monthly highlight of individual dog breeds.