Reviews For Dogster Magazine

The Best Magazine EVER!!

I love this magazine because it gives you all the nessacary information about a certain breed that you like. It feature 3 different breeds a month and I can't wait to see which breeds are next! It also gives a helpful breeder selection in the back. You can look for the breeds name and it will give you a list of breeders to choose from! This magazine is great for learning more about dogs, some diseases and fun you can have with mans best friend!!

One of the greatest magazines I've read

Dog Fancy is an excellent magazine for all parents of the furry four-legged tail waggin' love bugs out there. It is very informative and I, myself, refer to previous magazines all the time. It's your own personal library full of information that you can use now and even in the future. I've subscribed to Dog Fancy and Dog World. Dog World is for parents who are mainly in dog shows and agility. While Dog Fancy is for the average parent who is not in the sports realm. I love Dog Fancy magazine and I know that parents who love their "kids" as much as I love mine, will enjoy this magazine as much as I do.

A Must-Have for Any Dog Owner!!!!

Dog Fancy is definitely one of the best magazines around for dog owners. There's information on practically every topic available, including health care, training, nutrition, exercise, safety, traveling, selecting a dog, an annual puppy issue, and even cleaning tips. While Dog Fancy praises shelter dogs and mixed-breeds, they also feature 3 breeds in each magazine--usually two fairly well-known dogs and a rare breed. Definitely a must-buy!


Any dog fancier or dog owner, whether purebred or mixed breed will enjoy DOG FANCY. It is filled with useful and fun articles and each issue showcases two or three breeds of dog. Additionally, there are articles on veterinary medicine, training, travel, competitions and breeding. None of the articles are so overwhelmingly technical that the average dog owner can't understand them and apply them to their own pet. A great companion magazine to DOG FANCY is DOG WORLD which is more technical and focuses more on the breeder-trainer than just a well-adjusted pet owner.

Enjoyment cover to cover

Photos, letters, people's dog snapshots, useful articles and enjoyable stories - a source of enjoyment from cover to cover.
Plus, pages of where to buy dogs of every imaginable breed - even those I couldn't find on the Internet.

Dog Fancy Magazine/Natural Dog

Dog Fancy is my preferred of several dog magazines I have subscribed to. It has great informative articles, advertising limited to only products a person who loves dogs would want, they always have timely articles on any new trends in dog care. Breed introductions every month a couple of different breeds are highlited and also I believe every three or four months there are actually two magazines in the one, with the increasing interest and trends to more natural care, homeopathic care, feeding protocols etc Dog Fancy also includes an issue of Natural Dog on the other side of every third or fourth monthly issue. Well worth the cost of the subscription, this really is the best dog care magazine and devoted toward most owners, not just a local area or say breeders or hunting dogs for example they are very diverse and include everything in different issues.

Dog Fancier!

Great magazine for anyone who owns a dog. Provides information regarding different breeds of dogs and how to solve some common problems. Also deals with behavioral issues.

Fun Magazine

I have always enjoyed reading this magazine. It gives you little tidbits of new science findings, a training trick, highlights of three dogs, and many other fun articles. I have learned many intersting things about our canines and always look forward to getting the next magazine to learn something else I didn't realize!

I love it!

I am thoroughly enjoying my subscription of Dog Fancy. It is really educating me on the different dog breeds.

Dogs Everywhere!!!

How can you argue when it comes to dogs? This magazine has been around for a long time, and it gives what it promises. Its great. I love the resources it provides me. I've a dog owner for a long time, and I believe in the choices the magazine provides