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Informative Magazine for Dog Lovers

To start with, I must confide that I am a "horse" person. I could not survive without my equines. However, I also have a soft spot for dogs (and all the world's innocent creatures). The first time I actually saw a copy of Dog Fancy was when the mailman mistakenly placed my neighbor's copy in my mailbox. The cute pooch on the cover caught my eye, and I confess that I read the whole thing before turning it back over to my neighbor! I know, I am very bad. But I actually enjoyed the magazine enough to order my own subscription.

The magazine offers a variety of subject matter, including true life stories, breed profiles, dog health articles, and almost anything that would be of general interest to the dog enthusiast. The article that I was most affected by is in the current (June 2000) issue. It is regarding senior dogs and how terribly difficult it can be to find adoptive homes for these poor, sweet older dogs who have been abandoned or given up by previous owners. The article profiles a website that targets the issue of finding homes for these older dogs. The site is www.srdogs. I was thrilled to see this article in Dog Fancy, and am hopeful that it will make a difference in the lives of some older pups who are so deserving of having someone to love them throughout their later years. The article pointed out the obvious fact that most older dogs never have the chance to leave an animal shelter. The puppies have a fighting chance, but few people are willing to take on a senior.

Dog Fancy contains a good mix of information on both the pure breeds, for which there will always be an interest, and also just general dog welfare. I am absolutely certain that my next dog will be a rescued senior dog. And I am betting that my new old friend will be as much of a blessing to me as I intend to be to him (or her).


Dog Fancy is great for every pet owner whether they compete in events or stay on the couch.

I have subscribed to Dog Fancy Magazine for at least ten years and I've found it very information for every pet owner. I publish a newsletter for the local Doberman Pinscher club in St. Louis, MO, and I've found a great deal of information that is helpful for our club members. Most pet magazines do not have articles that are as informative as this one does on it's subjects. Dog Fancy also has many helpful hints for pet owners especially reminders about cold and hot weather, holiday party hints, etc.
I feel a good magazine that reaches many pet owners should help it's readers become the best pet owners they can be. Being a good pet owning neighbor is very important and this is stressed several times a year. This helps all of us who own dogs or cats to stay aware of the things that can bother our neighbors and how to prevent those problems. The better the pet owner is the less we have of dogs/cats left at the pound. This is a very big problem and this magazine strives to inform it's readers of those problems.
I can honestly say this magazine is the only all-breed magazine I would ever subscribe to. I highly recommend it to any pet owner.


Mutt and Jeff

While our dogs' names are not Mutt and Jeff, we do have a few mutts and a few pedigreed dogs. One of the great things about Dog Fancy is that each month they concentrate on a particular breed of dog. If you are in the market for a new pooch, you will have a "birds-eye view" of many of the great/popular breeds and some of the rare ones.

We have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, an Italian Greyhound named Whizzer (yes he does), an English Toy Spaniel named Lovey and a mutt called Mutley. So, we take the dog business very seriously! We are sort of experts in the dog area.

We have found this publication to be concise, educational, entertaining and a terrific reference guide. We never toss our old issues. Because they focus on subjects that are pertinent to present dog owners or perspective dog owners, they have their finger on the pulse of what is important. Their coverage sometimes breaks your heart and sometimes it lifts you up. There is human interest, pathos, empathy, the works in each issue. You will learn new tricks for training your new puppy and learn how to teach your old dog new tricks. It is the one magazine that I read from cover to cover, over and over again. Each time I read it, I find something that I missed the time before.

For pet owners looking for a magazine that will constantly enlighten you, Dog Fancy is a must have. Don't be misled by the cute dog on the cover, you will be amazed by the contents and wonder why you never picked it up before. Every Vet's office usually has a copy. Next time you are there, take the time to open the cover and read one of the articles. You just might find something that you never knew.

Our dogs are constantly challenging us for who is the alpha dog. Sometime we win, sometimes they do. Well, we let them win occasionally. If you love your Mutt, Jeff, or Alpha dog,treat yourself,and them to Dog Fancy. You will never be disappointed. It may save your dog's life one day!



Where can you find accurate and up-to-date information about man's best friend, the dog? The answer to this question is very simple, it's Dog Fancy! I am 18 years old and Dog Fancy magazine has been arriving in my mailbox for as long as I can remember. I am the proud owner of a 6-year old dalmatian named Lucky. Dog Fancy magazine has helped me so much in caring for my dog and helping me become the responsible dog owner I am today. Being a 4-H member for 10 years, Dog Fancy has helped me find ideas for 4-H projects. I plan to study veterinary medicine in college and the information I have gained from Dog Fancy will be extremely helpful in the future.

Dog Fancy's colorful pictures and easy to understand articles are outstanding. Compared to Dog World magazine Dog Fancy is a more intresting and better quality magazine. Dog World is filled with endless pages of black and write articles. Dog Fancy is a magazine that catches your eye on the news stands and is worth buying

A specific article I am going to choose is the traditional Dog Fancy breed profile that is featured every month. Bound in each magazine a good length article on a certain breed of dog is one of the best ways to choose a breed of dog you wish to own. The articles our very in depth and include everything you would ever want or need to know about the breed. Included with the article our colorful pictures of the breed and even a pull-out poster.

Dog Fancy is one of the best dog magazines I have ever opened. Another magazine that I would recommend for people with multiple pet households is PetLife magazine. PetLife has a great deal of intresting articles and top quality pictures and photos. There articles have captured my attention and have made it hard for me to put the magazine down with out reading the entire thing. People that know a lot about pet care will be fasinated with PetLife because it is filled with new ideas and tips for pet owners.


Dog Fancy is For Me.

I have been receiving Dog Fancy now for a little over a year. A little over a year ago, I bought a puppy, this was the first puppy I had ever raised. A friend of mine suggested Dog Fancy. After reading that first issue I bought at the bookstore, I knew I would be a subscriber to that publication. Every issue is very informative about all different breeds of dogs. And information on how to correct certain behavioral problems that most puppies have. I found this magizine to be very informative, very good for the person who has never raised a dog before. Or the experienced dog trainer. It is a definate must have. Compared to some other dog magazines, this one has it all.


Fancy's whole line

This is a great line of magazines!The Pet owners answer to questions
that are sometimes hard to find!It doesn't stop with Dog Fancy.
There is Cat Fancy,Bird Fancy,and Reptile!
I own A pet shop,and by far the Fancy line sells better than any of the
magazines!I always keep a copy of each to read,and to learn more about
the animals that I care for!I really like the way that they advertise
the products that I sell,to me its like free ad's every month!
Its alot of fun for children too!My daughter takes the new ones
to school every month,and lets the other children look at them.
She loves the pictures,so we cut them out and hang them up at the shop!
I highly recamend this magazine to animal lovers,and anyone thinking
of getting an animal!



I have subscribed to Dog Fancy for many years. It is without a doubt the best publication available for dog owners and fanciers. Unlike some publications which cater to only purebred dogs, Dog Fancy often has articles about mixed breeds. The magazine addresses readers questions with well- thought out pieces on subjects most dog owners are are interested in; such as diet,exercise,safe and appropriate toys, etc. Also featured each month is at least one breed. These articles are concise as to breed traits and I am sure have been the deciding factor in preventing mismatches and thus many dogs ending up in the pound. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering owning a dog or anyone who has one and loves her. I recently subscribed to a new magazine called Pets, Part of the Family and I feel it has great potential.



The first time I read Dog Fancy magazine was about six years ago. I had three dogs, was planning on getting a fourth, and wanted to see what kind of advice I could get. Little did I know that Dog Fancy would come to the rescue many times.

It seemed like every month there would be another article about something I, or my dogs, were experiencing. It was great to know that I was not alone. The articles helped me get through the transitional period of introducing a new dog. This was tough, but the suggestions always came through.

Plus, there are the feel-good stories. For instance, a tortured dog that was rescued by a caring and compassionate man. It warms my heart to know that there are many people in this world who care about animals as much as I do.

I also relied upon an issue during the loss of one of my beloved dogs this past Fall. I could not understand some of the emotions I was going through, but it was all the pages of that wonderful magazine. It told me that I could grieve and let go of my pain, but to always cherish my memories. I couldn't thank Dog Fancy enough for helping me through many trying times.


Fido Waits by the Mailbox

Woof! Woof! My dog and I love this magazine. Well, so does my son -- he likes to look at the pictures. I too love looking at the great photos, but I also love the wonderful articles that they consistently produce. Every month is a good issue, unlike some magazines, where you say "well, maybe next month's will be better."

I have been a subscriber to DOG FANCY for years. Dog training is a hobby with me and I love learning more about canine companions. DOG FANCY is geared towards those with canines as pets, rather than show dogs. The magazine consistently runs articles which help you to learn about specific breeds, health issues, behavior issues and more. Each month a different breed is spotlighted as the feature article. These articles contain many different areas of information, including things like how well the breed does with children, how large a dog of the featured breed may get, general disposition, etc. These are issues which can help families or individuals make good decisions about the type of dog they may want to obtain. The magazine also advocates obtaining dogs from shelters or rescue groups.

DOG FANCY also features the Gallery, which is a page in the magazine where your dog's photo can appear. Each month, photos of various readers' dogs appear. There are also pages of ads for breeders, just in case you are so inclined. I also subscribe to DOG WORLD, which has more a show dog orientation. DOG FANCY gets my vote for Best Magazine for Dogs-as-Pets Owners.


Great reads.

Being a person who loves dogs- many types, I decided to subscribe to Dog Fancy. I must say the price is a little higher than most of the other magazines I subscribe to, but it's worth it.
Dog Fancy has lots of useful articles, and every month it features a different breed of dog. I myself own Boxers, so I am always happy when they have articles on boxers. though I like every article.
Dog Fancy is very informative. There's articles on training and obedience, dogs likes and dislikes, doggy first aid, common problems, such as potty training, and much more. As I stated above, monthly they have a new breed spot lighted. It gives lots of information about the breed. Such as normal height, weight, temperment, best environments, etc. This way, a new owner, or potential buyer will get a feel for what surroundings this dog should have. How this dog will react with his children, or other family pets. What type of exercise this dog requires, and so much more.
I like Dog Fancy because they give tru, accurate details. If I were to ask a pet shop owner, they would encourage me to buy whichever dog I picked out. But lets face it, they only really want to make the sale. They don't care if this dog will bite more kids, or if it won't get along with my little dog, or even how much yard it needs. But with Dog Fancy I get straight answers to the real important things a dog owner should know.I recommend every dog owner at least check Dog fancy out. And potential dog owners most definatley pick up Dog Fancy, in order to see what types of things they will face when they do bring Fido home.