Reviews For Dogster Magazine

Good magazine, but too many breeder pages

Good articles, but the last half of the magazine is all about breeders - give me a break!

I never ordered this

I don't know why I've been asked to review this.
I never ordered this.

Too many ads, not enough info

I ordered a 3 month trial of Dog Fancy, and after the first month I was a little disappointed, but I stuck it out for the next two issues. I was expecting a great magazine, full of tips to help me train and raise a litter of pure bred AKC registered dogs.

However, what I got was a disappointment. So many of the articles were really long, with not much information to really grasp. For busy mom's like me, I found it hard to read. I really enjoy when a magazine has a lot of sidebars, and short and sweet articles that really punch at you a lot of information.

Unless you the time to sit a read long articles, I suggest you pass up on Dog Fancy and subscribe to another magazine. I found Dog World to be much more informative and easier to read. It had lots of good tips I could really use.


Overzealous Start Up Subscription

While I did get my start up magazine prior to 6 weeks, I got 3 in a row in less than a week. A month's prior, that month and then the next month. Guess they want my subscription to be over with soon.

ads and more ads

I Not to happy with the Fancey, Nothing but ads and breeder info! HOWEVER I do enjoy the fact that readers get a chance to enter there dog in the mag...... but thats about it! nothing exciting, nothing new and definiatly nothing fancey.

Very poor quality magazine

Don't waste your money on this magazine. It is 60-70 advertisements, and the articles are not very informative. It might be appropriate for children, but not adults that are serious about educating themselves about dogs.


Although there are a few articles in this magazine that I enjoy reading, at least 4 pages are devoted to breeders trying to sell puppies! As a dog lover, I fully believe in making adoption your first option and all those puppy mills out there aren't helping with the unwanted pet population. I will not re-subscribe to this magazine.


I ordered and paid for this magazine in April. Still no magazine FIVE months later! I was forced to rate this magazine with a "1", I would have given it a "o", since you can't rate something you haven't seen!

check out Dog and Kennel

this magazine is not at all what i expected. if you want the most for your money, check out dog and kennel magazine.