Reviews For Dogster Magazine

Great gift for the dog lover

If you have a dog, or know of a real dog lover, I'd consider getting this as a gift for yourself or them. This magazine can be kitschy at times, but for the most part, it imparts some very useful information. This is especially true of new advances in dog medicine, products to avoid, etc.

Bottom Line: Grab an issue from the newstand and if you like, get a subscription.

Great Magazine

[[ASIN/t:B00005NINS Dog Fancy (1-year)]] This was a renewal I have an older puppy and This magazine has been the most helpful of all the magazines

Have been disappointed lately.

I have been a Dog Fancy subscriber for over 6 years now. Unfortunately, I am debating on renewing in 2001 when my subscription is up. Let me tell you why......

My husband and I are owned by 4 beautiful dogs; 3 elegant greyhounds and a sweet as pie dalmatian. As silly as it may sound to some, they are like our children. We treat them like family and surround ourselves with "dog people" as much as possible. I don't mean that all of our friends and family must own dogs, but they need to have the sincere love, compassion and tenderness inside them to share that all animals deserve.

I used to look forward to reading Dog Fancy the minute I took it out of our mailbox. I would immediately sit down and read it cover to cover. Today however, I am not as eager. A few years ago Dog Fancy changed or should I say (with some disagreement) improved their magazine, as they called it. Previously, my favorite section was in the middle of the magazine, it featured real people with their dogs and always told a heartwarming story of how they entered each others lives. Further, the articles were almost always of interest to me. Recently, since all of the changes have taken place, I find the articles less interesting and I read fewer of them. My favorite section as mentioned above is no longer.

The best way for me to describe it is that the magazine is less personal. Meaning that the articles are so generic and bland. I remember having a good cry over stories in the old issues. Now I just skim much of them and enjoy the pictures on the last pages of beautiful dogs submitted by subscribers. One of the only "old" traditions they kept, except for the marketplace and breeders sections. I also am disappointed that the greyhound has not been featured as a breed since October 1995.

As mentioned, I am still undecided if I will renew my subscription. I feel it is a shame because the magazine used to be such a joy to read.
I have replaced my joy of reading Dog Fancy with Celebrating Greyhounds, which is a fantastic magazine dedicated to the breed. However I do miss the old Dog Fancy and its wonderful format.


Does pretty good job

Dog Fancy does do a good job researching the breeds and keeping folks informed on certain events, but I feel that sometimes they don't stress the negatives enough. Cancers, displaysia, etc. do not get adequate coverage as negatives -- maybe just a passing nod or a brief mention of Rainbow Bridge. Additionally, they will often post inflated expected life spans (usually about +2 to +4) averages.

I do give kudos to the wonderful photography in the magazine, but again, sometimes there are shots you wonder about. They'll often show non-type dogs (dogs that would be thrown out of the ring), which is fine. They do usually pick a real nice selection for the centerfold. I do give them special thanks for picking my dog's father as a centerfold.

Dog Fancy refuses to be more proactive on issues such on backyard breeding and puppy mills, especially since they are in cahoots with the AKC. They don't dare say anything that could impact their relationship with the AKC for obvious financial reasons.


Too much advertisement

Way heavy on the advertisements...and the directory of breeds at the end takes up almost half the magazine.

That said, the articles are fun and informative...if few and far between.

Too many ads

I love this magazine but I am disappointed that the last half of the magazine is mostly ads. I expected more articles or pictures but still all in all it is a decent magazine about dogs.

too many ads

I give this magazine as a gift, and the recipient says there are good articles, but way too many advertisements.

Little Girl Loves Dogs

I got this magazine for my little girl - she loves dogs and goes wild everytime she see's one. This Magazine was perfect for here since it is a lot of photo of differnt types of dogs.
(I do think you would have to be a big dog lover to enjoy this magazine - since I find it intresting but not exciting - but my little girl likes it and that is all that matters).


Dog Fancy doesn't contain much. It's filled with alot of breeder ads. My mom liked Natural Dog and wishes it were its own magazine!

Flashy & technical

I don't get as much enjoyment out of it as I do "Best Friends" and "Bark" magazine. It's a little more dry and seems slanted towards pure breds.