Reviews For Dogster Magazine

How I fancy DOG FANCY

To begin i am the alpha female in the pack of five, two humans and three
canines. My dogs are not pure breed dogs but pure breed mutts. Even though dog fancy features pure breeds and the problems with those breeds
and how to care for and picking a good dog from the litter this helps me with my dogs. I especially like the articles about specific problems within the breeds and i find them very informative. I like the way Dog Fancy is written not a lot of long boring medical terms and such. The dog owners that write in are so helpful at times also.

The only thing that i find hard to swallow about Dog Fancy is the price, I
feel it is very expensive and that makes it less appealing to me.


Dog gone it Good

This is the BEST all-around magazine about dogs.

It has great articles and beautiful pics of dogs.

It doesn't just feature the top 20 breeds, but everyone,

even the Basenji a rare breed brought from Africa!

Some of the greatest pictures of dogs are in this mag.

They put beautiful backgrounds and have the dogs looking

so so sweet. In the middle of the mag is a pull-out poster

of the dog of the issue and info about the breed.

Every issue has a huge article on one breed and tells

many unknown facts about it. They still but lots of other

stories, such as: saved my lives, a brag book, pics of my

princess/prince, the best food and warning about toys.

If you like cats I recomend CatFancy to you it is just

as great for the cat lover.


Dog Lovers

I subscribed to Dog Fancy for the pure simple fact the I love dogs. I unfortunately do not have one right now and I hate it. I have had a dog all my life and Dog Fancy has helped me to cope with not having a dog. I have also used the magazine to learn about certain breeds of dos. It helped me to pick what breed dog I would like to have and which ones I do not want. I am an animal lover so I would recommend Cat Fancy as well. They are both great magazines. I enjoy reading the letters published by the readers to see what others have to say or how they feel. This is a very good magazine for all dog lovers. I would recommend it to anyone who owns a dog.


Plesantly Surprized!

My mom used to subscribe to this magazine when I was growing up. I used to read it often throughout my adolesence. However I always found the magazine to be lacking. (Quality, Information.) Now some 10 years later I decided to try the magazine out once again. Since there has been some recent hype going around about it. I got this months newsstand -- April -- issue and the Special Puppy issue. I am in Love! It seems the Dog Fancy has improved by leaps and bounds since my last read. Now it contains an enormous ammount of extremely helpful information as well as stories and such to entertain you.

Dog Lovers

I just started receiving this magazine and find it very interesting. I have owned a Austrialian Terrier for five years and the article on that bread of dog was right on! I would encourage anyone owning a dog or thinking of buying a dog to read this magazine first for tips and answers!

Why i Love Dog Fancy

I have read " Dog Fancy " for nerly eight years. It is insightful, has alot of great articals on K-9 care from puppyhood to old age..It is also a good resurse for owners of or people looking for pure bred dogs, However i wish they did more articals and gave more exposure to the " ALL AMERICAN DOG MIXED BREED."

Dog Fancy also offers a monthly section where you can read answers to question asked to the vet. Of your looking for to possibly adopt a pure bred dog it's a good first stop for information before selecting, adopting and bringing home you new puppy or dog..

Dog Fancy

Like this magazine and has some good articels. Also get Bark. This has a bit to many ads but still overall pretty good.

Dog Fancy

I enjoy reading Dog Fancy as the articles are short and of interest to everyday pet owners. I also love the pictures and targeted breeds that are featured each month.

Good information on the health of your dog

Good information on the health of your dog and on training. Yet it's main focus is towards the purebreed dog.

good magazine

Just got my first 2 copies. It seems to cover many different subjects and features different breeds, ads for new products, interesting articles, and classifieds. Its the only Dog mag that I get so I cannot compare it to others.