Reviews For Dogster Magazine

dog book

This is one of the best magazines I have ordered on dogs. I have found a lot of interesting articles. Well worth it.

Explanitory and great

This magizine is wonderful, and I was very pleased with how it had many explanitory issues. I learned alot and it will help me study for my future career in zoology and animal behavior. I incurage young readers to buy an annual subscription to this magagzine.

Not A Cat In sight

Dog Fancy claims to be the World's Most Widely Read Dog Magazine and I can believe it. It is filled with articles, photos and information--all printed on nice glossy stock.The kind of book you begin to glance thru, then find yourself involved in an article.

Every month one particular breed of dog is featured. This breed gets the cover photo and a lengthy article. There are plenty of pictures, including a double-page fold out. If you do not like this breed of dog, after reading this you may change your mind. Pictures make the most of the dogs--you really can't help but like them.

Every issue has the following features, plus more not mentioned:

To Our Readers- Message from editor--of course - it's about dogs.

Bark Bark- Letters from readers to magazine. The editor doesn't seem to reply- and don't know how they are chosen. They are all short- so I'm sure they have been condensed.

Gallery- Photos of readers' dogs. Nice dogs--but also don't know how they're selected. If I knew the secret maybe I'd send in a picture of my pooch.

Dog Watch- What's new and interesting in the dog world--such as shows, and events like Crofts 2001. They do keep up to date on these.

Breed In Brief-Short articles about several different breeds- with photos-in case you're not quite sure what they look like.

Sit-Stay- A collection of various items of interest - Movies [featuring dog stars] , tips on grooming, behavior, etc. This can include a wide variety of topics.

Reviews -Opinions on training, feed, etc. Think folks on staff get to write these.

Adventure- Places to go and things to do with dogs-how about going with your dog to a dog summer camp for this year's vacation??

Gear- What's new for equipping your dog?? Some very practical-and some you won't believe!!

Calendar--What's coming up in the dog world

Breeder Directory - a big classified ad section. Breeds are listed in alphabetical order, and many feature photos. There are every breed I've every known about, plus a few more. This is a spot not only to shop, but get an education. For classified ads- these are interesting.

Classified Dog--Every thing else to go with that dog--you've gotta look at this one!! Also very interesting!!

Shoppers' Marketplace- More ads--these are box ads. Also another list of things for free. Included is a post card [you pay the postage] so you can request more information - free- from any advertiser that catches you eye. Most everything I saw for free was only further information--but handy if you want to pursue something further.

Perspective- Final page- a short story on a special dog - get ready to shed a few tears about some of them.

This is only a part- there is so much crammed into each issue not possible to get it all in one review.


Mother of 4 Dogs

I have been reading Dog Fancy for about 10 years, and I have been mostly pleased with it. Although they do often have features about non-purebred dogs, occasionally an 'elitist' slant peeps in, but it is reasonably rare. Overall, it is a good publication for the dog fancier, whether they live with a shelter rescue dog, or the exalted winner of Westminster. Dogs are dogs, papers or not, and this magazine generally recognizes that.

In addition to a feature article showcasing a particular breed, which is always interesting, there are usually articles about training, living with dogs, deciding which is the right breed for you, etc. There is always an informative article about dog health. In addition, this is an excellent source for those who are looking to purchase a purebred dog, having both a breeder directory and a classified section.

It is a good magazine for both the experienced and novice fancier. For those new to dogs, the amount of information in a years issue is immense, and for those who are more experienced, it will help you to keep up with the latest in health, training and genetic information.

I would recommend this magazine to anyone who breeds dogs, loves dogs, has dogs or wants to get one someday. I would also recommend it to cat people, maybe it will help them to understand us better.


Fancy Fancy

Dog Fancy, I had never had a need for this because I did not have a dog nor did I have intentions of getting one.
I had a full time job and 2 boys, so needless to say my day was full enough.
But my boys kept asking for a dog, grandmas just wasn't the same as having their own. So she gave me some issue's of Dog Fancy, and told me to read them and take my time on deciding if a puppy would fit our life.

My boys and myself read the magazine's and thought we would start looking,the magazine gave us tips on what dog maybe right for us.
We found a puppy and we used training tips from DF and kept them
handy for a quick reference guide, it was some of the best information,
it has made life with our puppy joyful and our puppy is happy too.
We get compliments on his behavior, and we pass along the magazine to
friends who wanted a puppy and gave them the same advice, to read

It tells you how to get puppy to stop chewing, tips on potty training,
and recommended foods and vitamins for a healthy pup.

It just has so much information that is beneficial still to this day.
I love to read the stories and product information.
Why make one more thing in life stressful, this magazine will make it
easy and enjoyable.

It includes stories, coupons, product information, you can write in
with any questions you may have and get answers from vets, it also
includes breeder information, best toys and health tips,also you may
send in photos of your special pup and so much more;give it a try I was pleased and I think you will be also.

Articles included in this magazine is, The Vet is in (it gives health
tips), A section about Ask dog Fancy (this is a question & answer page
where you may send in your question), Grooming Tips,A calender of shows
and events, free product information, it also has a Gallery page so you
may send in a pictures of your special doggie.

I do feel that alot of space is wasted on breeder dogs that are for


Great magazine for dog lovers

If your a dog lover like me, you will find this magazine to be great. I subscribed a year ago and was very pleased with my subscription.

This magazine has a lot of really good articles, which are interesting as well. It also has an advise column where you can write in and ask questions and get answers. It also contains great advise, tips on things such as grooming, what to feed your dog, and lots of other general info.

I found this magazine to be very helpful as well as informative. Oh and the pictures in here are great too.

I recommend this magazine. I think it's great.


going to the dogs!

This is a great magazine not only for pure breed dog owners , but for the mixed breed dog owners as well. It has many different topics on dogs that range from health , how to raise your puppy , bad habits to break , and training your dog. It highlights at least one breed a month tell you all about them . Some of the different things that it tells you is,country or origin , function , life span , trainability, character, home environment , Etc. . It is nice to know these things in picking a breed that is best for you. They also have a breeders directory,canine marketplace,show and events calendar,and a gallery that you can send a picture of you dog and they will put in their gallery. I like dog fancy for all the training and how to break bad habits articles. I have four fox terriers and they are very vocal. I was looking for some advise on how to stop barking and I got it from a dog fancy article. Their advice helped me to stop some of the barking that was driving me crazy.I really I like dog fancy for their articles and and all the information that they offer on pets. I think that you will like them too.


Woof! Woof!

I have enjoyed the articles discussing different breeds, especially when I was considering getting a dog of that breed. Vet questions & training tips also come in handy. However, the breeder directory and/or ads could be set up differently, in a more readable fashion. I also wish they would talk more about mixed breeds or "pound puppies" (this is where I ended up getting my dog almost 7 years ago). Pictures of the featured breed of the month are terrific - kind of like a doggie pin-up. A similar magazine, but for cat people, is "Cat Fancy." I believe that there are magazines with similar formats for almost every conceivable pet around!


Dog Fancy Delights!

Dog Fancy goes right to the top of my list of magazines. I am the owner of 3 dogs and find the articles appropriate for me even if I do not have the breed mentioned in the article. There are several articles written with advice on how to take care of your dog and some excellent training tips. It's been fun reading about some very exotic breeds, too. I learned about some dog breeds I had never even heard of. When my own breed showed up one month as the lead article I was ecstatic! I learned more about my Bichon Frise than I ever had and it also confirmed what I already knew and made me feel more comfortable with him knowing that most Bichons were like that too!
It is a colorful, informative magazine. There are good articles on what to look for in a veterinarian as to what kind of illnesses are common in dogs and what kind of treatments they will need.
At the end of the magazine are various merchant ads which are also helpful to the dog owner. When our dog could no longer jump up on the bed to sleep with us (yes, we're total dog nuts!!) there was a place we could order stairs from for Fido. There was also a place where special screens could be ordered for our deck sliding glass door. You never seen these kind of things in your usual catalog!
The end section on breeders is very good, too. If you're looking for a certain type of breed there are many places to research with good information given.l
In other words, "Dog Fancy" covers it all for the dog affectionado!!


The dog magazine that's hard to put down

I've purchased this magazine for several years now and have been a subscriber for part of that time. This magazine packs a lot of information into every issue. From monthly focuses on different breeds to important information on health issues relating to dogs this magazine is hard to put down. They even write articles on activities you can do with your dog. They publish dates for up coming dog shows and ads from breeders in various locations. The only drawback I see is the quantity of ads that they publish. It seems that a lot of space at the end of the magazine could be filled with other articles. Despite this drawback I still enjoy and would still recommend this magazine. If you enjoy the articles besides the number of ads and info on upcoming events listed in the back of the magazine than pick one up. If not than maybe another magazine will suite your needs better.