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Dog Fancy Magazine

I am very pleased with the articles, lay out and beautiful photographs in this magazine. Lots of good tips!

Very Satisfied

Best price anywhere and the magazine started in a very short time. Very satisfied.

Dog Fancy Magazine

The transaction went fine and my subscription has been added upon, very quickly I might add.


Get dog lovers reading material. Great helpful tips and breed information. Awesome pictures. Helpfull ads on dog merchandise and maintenance items.

Dog Fancy Review

I recently got a subscription for Dog Fancy and I am delighted. The articles are informative and the pictures of the featured dogs of the month are just beautiful! Love getting this magazine every month!

Dog Fancy is great !

I luv Dog Fancy and so does my 8 yr old son. He was the one who actually asked me 2 get the subscription. It's full of info and great articles. I would definately recommend it 2 dog lovers. We'll b getting Cat Fancy next !!


Dog Fancy is a very good magazine for the first time dog owner to the experienced one. Most articles are for the pure bred dog, but there is something in every issue for every reader.

every month a joy

i have more animals than I know, I love best my gang of dogs, and this mag. has it all products, reviews, vet info, wonderful stories

Dog Fancy The Best!

I love Dog Fancy. It's always been the best in Dog information, the first place to go. I'm a groomer and dog lover and owner, so Dog Fancy keeps me up-to-date on everything new and relevant.

Get Magazine for Dog Lovers and All

This is an awsome mag for dog lovers and just about everyone. we get cat fancy also and it is great too. anyway it is a must have.