Reviews For American Girl Magazine

Whatever American Girl is ah-mazing!!!!

I am 13 years old and hav been getting American Girl science I was 8. It is the best mag out there! No ads and it is all clean. Alot of other teen mags out there talk about makeup, unlike American Girl, but they also take about sex, something I DO NOT need to read.

Very good magazine for all girls above 8 years old

I must say, this is a very good magazine! As you see, my parents don't let me read any magazines that is about sexes, crushes and even stars. I LOVE this magazine and I hope you will too!

AMERICAN GIRL IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amercan Girl is a GREAT magazine! I have subscribed it for about 5 years. I am almost 14 years old, and I LOVE this magazine! It has a great advice column, great stories, great craft ideas, and a lot of other stuff. It is a great magazine for any age. Last year they changed the style of the mag. I liked the old style, but the new one is way better. They added a new department all about friendship and a lot of other stuff too. This magazine is enjoyable and I think that a lot of girls will love it.

I Love this mag!

I am 10 and I always look forward to getting this mag! They have really good advice, neat crafts,and great stories! A lot of they articles are witten by girls themsleves and all of them are true! I really like it they kids reveiw products and that there is no adds. They give you free stuff too. They also have polls, quizzes, and friendship advice. Girls can can have lots of fun with this!

Wholesome magazine for pre-teens

My little girl loves the magazine, and was grateful to have it renewed.

14 year old girl

This magazine is the BEST. I have been getting subscriptions since i was 10. It is amazing!

Aunt buys magazine for Niece.

Niece was originally 14 years old when I first started buying her this magazine for Christmas. Even though she is now 16 years old she still enjoys reading the magazine and once again asked me to renew it Christmas.

Are we too old for this?

i think that you can be any age too read american girl. I am almost 14 years old and i still read it faithfully. Some of my friends dont read it anymore because it is too young fot them,but i still think i will read it when i am older too! it may not give tips on boys or makeup but if you are looking for these things, you should read another magazine. I also think you shouldnt be preasured into reading more adult magazines, I have and i just dont give into it. No matter what anyone says american girl is a good magazine and kids and teens of all ages should read it!

the best magazine for pre-teens

Very good! This magazine is very suitable for pre-teens, like me. It doesn't involves some of those non-suitable for pre-teens' things that adults doesn't appreciate. This magazine has lots of fun for girls, the things I think the girls like best of this magazine is that there is a heart-to-heart page(where you can see girls from all around the world giving advices and tips), the craft page(normally, I hate crafts. But the craft here are just AMAZING, you can't tell it is handmade), the story page(I love it) and of course... the competitions.
Best of all, it has something for you every issue, like maybe very cool stickers something like that. The price is affordable and no advertisements!!!
Girls, this is officially the right magazine for you to read.
By the way... it ships everywhere around the world! Even though I live in Hong Kong!


American Girl is the coolest magizine! In my last issue, some girls told about certain products and said how they worked. They also had a story contest, and they had a cool story "Me in the Middle". They told about a girl who worked in a live broadway show, and best of all(for some of you) NO ADS!! I recommend it ages 9-14. The only problem is there is no "American Boy".

P.S. They have the best books ever and a website too!