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American Girl Reveiw

I think this is a great magazine for girls aged 8-10 because it dosn't concentrate on puberty or boys, but it has fun stuff to do and read for girls who just wana have fun and not worry about growinf up yet. BUT they say its for girls aged 8-12, but i dont think it is. I am now 11 and I used to LOVE american girl, but now I rarely buy it and I am into magazines with stuff about movies, music and celebs ect. So if you are a girl in between the ages of 8 and 10, then this is a wonderful magazine. But any older and you might find it a little immmature and boring.

Grown out of Magazine.....

I'd gotten a subscription for 3 years! I thought the magazine was okay because you only get it once every two months (6 per year) and theres only about 50 pages! But, if you like advice on boys and make-up look at ym, twist or seventeen! This magazine does have great stories, and advice from girls from age 6-13! I think march/April issue is the best because if you like animals pick it up NOW its ALL about animals! I recommend this for ages 6-13 and maybe older than 6 if you need help reading or if you read with your mom this is the magazine for you!

A great magazine

American girl is great magazine for your 8 to 11 year old. Filled with helpful advice, clever tips on parties, and real stories about real girls this magazine is perfect. My daughter loved this magazine when she was younger. Once your daughter hits 12 or 13, you might want to try a magazine such as YM or Girl's Life, for with my daughter she became interested in boys and fashion. Overall, for you daughter's late elementary years, this is a wonderful magazine.

I'm 13(not 12) and have been subscribed for 5 yrs!!

Ever since I was 8 years old, this has been the one and only magazine I have been subscribed to so far. I fell in lov with it and I love the crafts section and the heart to heart. It's a great magazine for ages 8-12, and it doesn't focus on boys or makeup. It gives good advice for friendships and family. It also has great ideas for parties, Christmas gifts, and more. Although now I'm getting a little too old for it, I still love American Girl's positive attitude toward readers which boosts their self-esteem. **Plus, models on the cover are REAL girls. They have freckles, glasses, braces, and actually have cover models who are'nt rail thin. The only down-side is that it's bimonthly and is usually around only 40 pages long, and it's an expensive magazine too for that matter. I would highly recommend this magazine as a birthday or holiday gift!

Wonderful and Great!

I am 12 and I love this magazine! It has quizzes, HELP from you, moneymakers, and more! I think that any pre-teen would like this magazine.

The only thing I did not like was the long, long stories.

Good for girls ages 8-11

Girls ages 8 to 11 will probably find this magazine to be interesting, but I suggest something different if you are 12 or older because American Girl does not really talk about beauty, boys, and fashion. It is a self-esteem and confidence booster for girls and will help you to become the best you can be.

Issues include many real-life stories about girls who have done different things for the world or any heroic acts, which show that girls can do a lot and are creative and capable. Plus, there are also drawing and essay contests where winners are published in the magazine and have an opportunity to show off their skills.

In addition, each issue includes fun quizzes, games, crafts, party ideas, health ideas, and different features where girls can speak out on different topics and things that have made a difference in their lives. Not to mention that they feature seasonal issues with articles about doing well in the new school year, making fun holiday crafts, doing fun stuff in the summer to keep busy and stay cool, and other things. There are also many fiction stories and those "2-minute" mysteries.

Overall, American Girl is a very good magazine for those girls who are in the 8-12 age range. It is appropriate, fun, exciting, and helps girls learn more about their world.

ok I guess.....

I read this magazine in fourth and fifth grade and now I think It's ok, I mean when-ever in school, I used to run down to the school Libary and get there before any other girl did and get my favorite issue, maybe from 2003???? I don't know, but It's OK and I'm in seventh grade now and I read Tiger beat, BOP, Discovery girls, Girls' life, and much more! so It's ok if you read it when your twelve or 13 but YOU may not like it!


I am twelve years old. Last year my mom got me a subscription to "American Girl Magazine". I was very disapointed. It had stories about friendship, craft ideas, advice, and stickers. I was intrusted in make-up, boys, and fashion.(Because I wanted to be grown up)

ANYWAY... I would say that girls 11 and up should get "Teen People" (which is the maggy I get), or YM, which are related to topics that preteens are intrested it.

For girls younger than 10 this is a PERFECT magazine. It has no innapropriate things, just amusing stories about kittens and cookies, ect.

haven't gotten it yet

Haven't gotten this subscription yet. Apparently it takes about 6 weeks to get. We've gotten this magazine before and my girls love it. Very clean and age appropriate.

*ok... I may stop subscribing next year but I like it*

American girl magazine is a very good magazine but has one flaw- there is nothing about getting your period and not much celeb stuff. The older readers (like me,) aren't really hearing anything about that stuff. I like Teen (my fav!) GL, and Discovery Girls but AG is very good but very unrealistic.