Reviews For American Girl Magazine

Good Choice for Young Girls

I am happy that there is a good magazine out there for young girls like my 8 year old sister. She loves this magazine, for the fun stories and games and all the cool ideas. I am just glad that she still wants to be a kid and isnt in a hurry to grow up. So many girls get sucked into the insane world of spending a lot of money on latest fashions, obsessing over you hair not being perfect every single second, covering your face in make up that you wont need for another 10 years, and of course, constantly worrying about boys. Little kids deserve to be little kids. And I thank AG for trying to preserve childhood for its young readers.

P.S. The reason for the 4 stars is that AG could be just a little longer.

Good...I think..

I've gotten this magazine since 1998, I've finally grown out of it. Just recently I switched to Girl's Life and like better. AG has lots of crafts, games, parties, and stuff about being your self. This magazine is published by the people who sell American Girl dolls, but they don't advertise that in the magazine. A great magazine for 7 to 11/12.

awesome..but it's too short

American Girl's just right for the parents who think their children aren't ready for teen magazines like Teen People and YM. American Girl doesn't have any articles about fashion or makeup, but there are plenty of articles about real girls and stuff like that. American Girl is perfect for girls ages 8 to 12. Girls 13 and older really should read teen magazines like Seventeen. The great thing about American Girl is that there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS!!!!! The bad thing is that American Girl is WAY too short. It's only about 50 pages long. Normal magazines around 150 pages. And the price is way expensive. I mean, 30 dollars for 6 magazines???? I recommend Girl's Life if you think that American Girl is too expensive. Girl's Life is a longer magazine and aimed for a little higher age group, like 10-14, but it's not really a "teen" magazine, but it has some advertisements in it.

Great magazine for ages 7-13

I used to get this magazine, and although it is not as good as the earlier issues, it still has some great articles. It has nothing inappropriate for 7 and 8 yearolds, but the articles still have good advice and ideas for older readers. One thing that bothered me is that when flipping through the magazine in a book store, i n oticed a repeat of two of the articles! one was from a 1998 issue and another from a different year, but since both were great and interesting articles, the repeat was ok. I wish the company put in more effort though. The website also used to be great, but now it's terrible. All in all, the magazine itself is definately a great influence for pre-tweens.

Great! some ways

I have been getting American Girl for about five years now and it's starting to get a little young. I LOVE crafting and their crafts are great and I like their quizzes too! A lot of the articals about real life situations are really good but they don't put as much of those in and I think that's why I'm giving it only 4 stars. They focus it on girls around 8-12 but really it should be for girls younger than that.Now I do still like it and all but I have a feeling that pretty soon I will be unsubsribing. I'm 10 and I think that 8 year olds would like it because they like having little fun parties. For my age we don't want fun themed parties we want parties where we can listen to music and talk about school and stuff like that. It's for girls younger than what it says on the cover. But it is a great magazine for 7 and 8 year olds.

Great But....

It's a great magazine but it's not really about American Girl Dolls which I love. And it's really expensive for a 40 page magazine. But it's still fun to read and a lot of crafts in this magazine. I wish they could make it a little better and add more stuff to it. They always waste their pages with party plans, stories etc...

A Little Overboard

I like American Girl a lot-it's clever and fun and all that stuff. But I just think it goes a little too far NOT to talk about boys and fashion. For example, I read the "Party Secrets" excerpt from the May/June issue, and then I read the actual "Party Secrets." Turns out, they edited part of it just so it wouldn't say the word "crush"! I appreciate the fact that American Girl doesn't want to go overboard on crushes and stuff, but I think it's going out of its way NOT talk about boys and stuff. Once you turn 11 or so, it's natural to think about boys and stuff. This is a good magazine, just a little overboard.

Good magazine for girls aged 8-10

Parents, if you are finding a magazine which doesn't focus on fashion, beauty, boys, and your little girl is aged 8-10, then I suggest you to buy this magazine.
This magazine is good because it covers pets to parties to real girl articles. It has no sexual, beauty and other things that you don't wish to be seen by your daughter.
For girls aged 12 or above, this magazine may be a little too girly for them, as they are now in high school, they might be having crushes, puberty and other embarrasing moments. If your girl is 12 or older, then I highly recommend you to Discovery Girl. It's a magazine filled with interesting articles in a helpful way for your children, embarrasing moments, and it also covers you a bit of fashion.
American Girl and Discovery Girl or both very good magazines,if you are not still sure what's good for your child, I suggest you to buy an issue of both magazines first.

Good for Light Reading

If you want help with teen issues such as the media, drugs, peer pressure, and the like, don't subscribe to AG. But if you just want a light magazine to read for fun, you'll love AG. Their specialty is giving you ideas for things to do--perfect if you're hit with the summertime blues. There are crafts, recipes, quizzes, and a lot of other stuff. I would suggest pairing AG with another magazine that focuses more on issues that girls face, such as New Moon. Also, try getting it at the library because, like another person mentioned, it's kinda expensive.

Good till u outgrow it.

When I was 8-11, this was the only magazine I got and it was my favorite. Now I've outgrown it and it is replaced with Girls Life, YM, and Teen People. I'd reccomend it for any 8-11 year old, but once you hit 12 or so you start to outgrow it.

There is one problem I found with it, so that's why I gave it 4 stars. I found American Girl lacked information on real life issues. REAL preteen life - trust me, I'm 13 and have been there - isn't about cute crafts and themed parties. It's about noticing boys differently, body image, and getting used to middle school. When I woke up when I was 11, I thought "God I hate my hair" instead of "What kind of cute crafts should I make today?"