Reviews For American Girl Magazine

Growing strong girls

This magazine is a mother's dream. It offers healthy living advice, crafts, stories of strong girls doing amazing things.. and nothing that would concern me about my daughter worrying about her self image. No information on dating, weight loss, romance, etc.. Lots of information on how to grow into be a strong independent woman. Start when they are young - age 8 or 9 and continue until they are in high school.

Awesome Magazine!

This Is a great magazine for girls 8-10. I personally think it is an awesome magazine. It has lots of fun craft ideas, party ideas, stories they publish, pictures, animal posters, and much more this is really not a beauty magazine and does not really talk about popstars

AG rocks!

I just LOVE the magazine. I can't wait to get it every 2 months. It is full of fun crafts and great stories. This magazine has given me so many new ideas about just about everything, I don't know what I would do without it. My favorite part of the magazine is the "HELP!" section. Girls write about their problems and then professionals write back in the magazine. It's realy cool. This is the worlds best magazine!!!

A totally awesome girl's mag

American Girl is a fantastic magazine -- it's so fun to read and to do all the fun activities. As other people have said, it's a great alternative if you're NOT completely into fashion and boys. I've been getting it since i was about seven, and now I am twelve -- growing up a bit has given me a really different perspective on the magazine. Now, I feel like I'm getting a little old for it, but it's still a really nice alternative to the teen magazines.

American Girl Rocks!

If you're looking for the best mag on the PLANET, check out AG. It's got ideas for recipes, games, and advice for girls 8-14. I have had a subscription in the past, and it is great. Please get this!

Very Good for younger kids

I have grown out of this magazine, but it is still really good. I recomend it if you are 8-10 years old.

age 11

My 10 old loves it

This magazine subscription was intended for both of my girls. My 7 year old is not interested in it but my 10 year old loves it. I would highly recommend this magazine and will continue to purchase it for them.

my daughters love this magazine!!!!

great for my daughters. they are 9 and 11 and have been reading it for about two years and it is still relevant for them. Great magazine.

Great Magazine for young girls

I get this magazine for my 9 yr. old daughter and she just loves it. It has so much great information about how to handle everyday things. Fun ideas too.

American Girl Magazine

A subscribtion to the American Girl Magazine was given as a gift to my 8 yr old niece. It was easy to place the order, which arrived earlier than expected. The magazine is wonderful, my daughter enjoyed it when she was the same age. The magazine contains age appropriate material.