Reviews For American Girl Magazine

Looking for a GREAT Magazine? LOOK NO MORE!!

American Girl is the best magazine ever for girls ages 8-13! Whenever I'm feeling bad I just reread a magazine and I feel better. There are fun craft and gift ideas, like room crafts or crafts to make during the holiday season. There's also Girls Express, which is just short articles and polls and interviews. Heart to Heart is a place where you can write in on a certain topic. There are also game ideas. There are special articles on fun games to play, but there's also a regular feauture called the Giggle Gang, which is puzzles and games. There are true stories about girls, too, and Behind the Scenes, which descibes itself. There's also something extra in every issue, like mini posters or a free board game. So order American Girl today! I hope you'll LOVE it!

Awsome Magazine!!

Girls, do you want a magazine with lots of fun in it? Well American Girl is that magazine!!This magazine definitely has a lot of fun activities to do. It also teaches girls how to bake, play games and how to solve problems in life.etc. American Girl usally puts girls in the magazine who did something special. Sometimes there are drawing contests in which girls can enter. American Girl is definitely the magazine for girls who like to do fun things in life!!



Some girls think it's babyish, some HATE it but I LOVE it.It's for girls right around my friend and I's age.I'm just turning [...]. It has all kinds of stuff my friends and I love. Such as crafts, quizzes, puzzles, games and more! It's for ages 8 and up and even my mom loves it. It's expensive but worth it. I look at mine over and over. They could make it a bit longer, but the jumbo issues make up for that,'cause you gotta have fun in the summer. Even though it only goes up to 5 stars, if it went 0 to 1,000,000 I'd pick 1,000,000. I really love it.

Great Gift Idea for Hard to Buy for Tween Set

I bought this for Christmas for my 9 year old (4th Grader) niece and she was SO happy! I love that it is filled with party planning tips, great crafts, articles on friendship, school, sports and family relationships and not on boys and beauty. This magazine really celebrates what is important in her life right now and she is so excited that she will be getting it all year. Also, I really like the idea that instead of a gift that she may only enjoy for a few weeks she gets this for an entire year. I would highly recommend this as a gift for 4th Grade girls.

Great Magazine!!!

This magazine is perfect for a girl who is going into the last years of her young childhod into a preteen. It is also a good magazine for kids in Elementary because the content is age appropriate and the stories can relate to them and are very interesting. It talks about how to get ready for Middle School and advice for many topics. The crafts are not copyed and are very original. You will have a great time doing the crafts with your child. The stories are always well written by excellent authors and sometim the kids can send in stories and they get into the magazine. The magazine doesn't talk about boys, going through puberty and all that other stuff. You should be a kid for as long as you can and that stuff makes it seem so short. Another great thing in American Girl Magazine is that there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS! The magazine only has girls talk about and rate products. If you want a more teenage magazine, I seggest Girls' Life. It has more stuff about Middle School years and stuff you go through in your teenage years. If your child is still in Elementary or starting Middle School, I highly reccomend American Girl Magazine!

Great, appropriate reading

I subscribed to this magazine from around age 7 to age 12, and also got my hands on many back issues during that time.

It is a wonderful, advertising-free magazine with everything from advice, to crafts, to parties (yes, they are kind of heavy on that).

They oftentimes offer excerpts form books from American Girl Press - but they are excerpts which are useful in their own right, not just getting you to buy the book. They are such things as a few crafts out a a craft book, a quiz or two from a quiz book, and that sort of thing. I also highly recommend these books, but that is beside the point.

They interview a lot of girls in special circumstances or doing good for their community, anything from girls to volunteer to girls who were adopted and talk about that, to disabled girls. The stories are always age-appropriate and try to inspire readers to do good fir their world.

They also have much advice on a variety of subjects, from things that readers write in to advice from the writers. They cover such topics as difficult friendships, moving, braces, school trouble, pets, whatever - all kinds of relevant issues.

They also offer advice on things to do - they often have themed 'parties' where they offer activities, food, etc. for fun slumber parties. While I never threw one of these elaborate extravaganzas, much of it can be adapted for girls having fun with friends or family. They also offer crafts, recipes, and the like for other things to do.

When I got the magazine, I can count on one hand the number of celebrity interviews there were, and they were always short and not the focus of the magazine.

Also, there are always short fictional stories, contests, reader letters, and miscellaneous things, perfect for most preteen and slightly younger girls.

It is a very white magazine, though. Although they certainly make an effort to choose diverse models and the like, it still comes off very white.

The art is gorgeous, and I highly recommend this.

American Girl Magazine

This is a great magazine for girls 8 - 14. It is filled with crafts, advice, and stories about girls like you. I escpecially like the November/December issue because of all the fun holiday ideas. This is a very good magazine and girls will love it*.


LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! American Girl Magazine is perfect for girls and is a great substitute for teen magazines. This magazine has crafts, girls opinions, stories, party ideas, contests, and a free gift in each issue!!!Every girl needs this magazine! I look in my mailbox everyday for it (even though it only comes every other month) and anticipate turning every page. Get it today! This rates much more than five stars on my scale--more like infinity stars!

I luv this magazine !!!

This is one of my favorite magazines ! The quizes are great and I love the little stories ! In the July/August 2006 one they have a little Tin Grin section. I might get a tin grin , and it totally helped. My dad once took a quiz ! I love the magazine ! I`m nine years old and have five American Girl dolls ! I luv the magazine !

Interesting and fun

I'm 14 and I STILL enjoy this Mag. I love the stories about other girl and the fun summer activities. I don't care how old you are, you will enjoy this magazine!