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Reviews For American Girl Magazine

Fun, Games, and More!!!

Two years ago, I decided I wanted to have a sleep over party for my birthday. I wanted to do crafts, play games, and have fun! So I consulted my American Girl magazines, and I fell upon a section with a great sleep-over ideas like games and crafts. I couldn't believe my luck!

Since I happen to enjoy crafts, this is a great magazine for people like me. The crafts are fun, clever, simple, don't take a lot of materials, and are not that time consuming. They are also great for birthday parties or holiday presents.

Amelia's Notebook is one section in American Girl. It is realistic stories from the notebook of a fictional character. The stories relate to things that happen in real life, like starting a new grade, or just growing up.

Another one of the sections in American Girl is The Giggle Gang. This is a section with games and puzzles. It has tricky codes, brain-teasers, tricks to show your friends, and other fun games. This section will keep your brain working throughout the year.

Yet another section in the American Girl Magazine is the Paper Dolls. Just recently, American Girl started creating paper cats and paper dogs. Normally I wouldn't play with paper dolls, but being an animal lover myself, I really enjoyed these. They give you cut-outs of popular kinds of cats and dogs and accessories to play with.

My favorite section in American Girl is Who's That Girl?. It's a quiz about famous girls or women. Every time the magazine comes out, this section spotlights on a different famous girl. On the fist page, they give you 5 clues about when the woman was a little girl, a picture when the woman was young, and a list of possible answers of what the woman might do for a living. On the back of that page, in big letters, is the name of the woman they were spotlighting for that issue, and under her name, is a full article about her life. It?s fun guessing who the woman is, and learning a little about her.

The one thing that really stands out about American Girl Magazine is the new surprises in each issue. They use their clever ideas and put together an article or new section that is something you probably would have never imagined. Sometimes they give you great party ideas or maybe even a section on holiday crafts. The possibilities are endless, but you can always count on American Girl to think of something clever.


The Best Magazine for an American Girl

I subscribed to this magazine when I was 10 years old, now I am fourteen and I still love it. Most girls my age are only interested in teen magazines with advice on cool clothes, make up and boyfriends, as am I, but American Girl Magazine has just has so many great things in it that I plan on renewing for a long time.

This magazines contains so much great stuff:
It has fun stories, real life and fiction, contests, advice, puzzles and games, and fun crafts and ideas on so many things: diferent parties, how to make cute crafts, and yummy food. Also each issue comes with a fun, separate thing, most times a paper doll, but now they have new things, like paper dogs, paper cats, and stickers.

I always look forward till when a new issue will come and I am never ever disappointed, the only thing thats kind of sad is that I always finish it quickly, but I always read my magazines many times. This is the perfect magazine for girls from ages 8-14. However, I can see why younger or older girl would want to read it. But if you want to be younger and subscribe, maybe a parent or sibling could read with her daughter for extra bonding time. I am turning 15 soon and I plan on keeping my subscription for as long as I want.


An American Goodie

Just when you thought there wasn't a decent publication left out there for young girls....this magazine came along. My daughter subccribed to this magazine for 4 years. It is a bi-monthly periodical which is often enough due to the content in each advertising. Each issue has various articles about girls (obviously) and their hobbies, crafts, adventures or fashion. There are lots of creative ideas for everything from slumber parties to how to decorate your room...the Letters to the editor are cute also. Each issue also comes with a real photo/paper doll of one of their members. A girl can really build up her paper doll collection with these!
The pages and photos are high quality and it is nice not having the magazine stuffed full of meaningless ads. So if your daughter is into more American tradition and the wholesome girl type of image...this is a wonderful addition to their education of what is out there. This magazine is good for ages 9-13...and it makes a nice gift.


I Wish They Had This When I Was Younger

This is one of the most awesome magazines around! I began subscribing to this magazine when my oldest daughter was 8 years old. She decided two years ago, at the age of 12, that she was too old and would rather have teen magazines. Now that my youngest daughter will be 7 I plan on setting up a subscription for her.

This magazine has a little bit of everything. The graphics and photographs are great. The writing is the perfect level for young girls and it covers the issues that they are facing. I love the fact that there is a column where the girls can give advice to one another. I have taken many of the crafts ideas and used them myself.

Even though my oldest daughter was "too old" for this magazine, she has saved every issue and refers to them often. The book series are awesome. The dolls are pricey but very nice. I have found that for my youngest daughter, who doesn't like reading, really likes these magazines.

Most times I don't resubscribe to a magazine because there is usually something better on the market by that point. I have not found anything better in the past two years and will be a subscriber again. The price is a bit higher than most children's magazines, but the quality is higher too.


For Real American Girls

I had a subscription to American Girl magazine for about four years as a child and preteen. It is a wonderful publication for girls between the ages of seven and thirteen.

First of all, it is age appropriate. Girls of that age are very unlikely to be very interested in boys, it avoids discussions of clothes, makeup or celebrities, and any health stories are about that- health, never sex.

The articles cover a wide variety of topics. Articles about girls around the world, school issues, crafts, games, party ideas, sports, music, volunteer work, etc also including short stories and recipes. It also includes educational material such as vocabulary words.

The design is quite charming. Instead of using the typical magazine interface, they went for something unique. Backgrounds are frequently notebook paper striped, with photographs having the scrapbook taped-in look. Many articles, such as crafts or recipes, are accompanied, not by photos, but by colored pencil-esque drawings instead.

Possibly the best feature of this magazine is it is almost completely free of ads, the only ones found being small ads for books and products mentioned in articles.

The only downside for this publication is the fact that it is bimonthly, only coming once every two months.


It goes with Krispy Kremes and Kid Rock

I don't personally read this magazine, but my 10 year old sister just loves it! Every time that she gets a new one, she's in her room for hours just laughing away and reading the articles. She always wants me to take those little paper dolls out and play with her. I think that it just so cute.

One time, my sis was planning a birthday party and she got an idea from the magazine. She made these invitations that looked like a sleeping bag to indicate a sleepover. All the kids loved it. The party was a real hit. This magazine gave my little sister some great ideas for things to do. It also gave her some great ideas on how to decorate her bedroom.

One article that my sis loves is Heart to Heart. Ever since I went away to college a few years ago, I miss the time we used to spend together. Now when I come home, we have a great time reading American Girl together. Now I know that sounds kind of odd, but it's something that my sister really enjoys. When I left, it was really hard on her and she really enjoys doing this.

I think that every young girl should get this magazine and read it while enjoying a yummy Krispy Kreme doughnut and listening to Kid Rock(just from my experience).


NOT for girls only!!!!!

We are hooked on this magazine! It always has lots of fun recipes that are easy for girls to do, and cute stories! It is so refreshing after the junk that is put in most magazines! Every month there is a paper doll of a Real Girl with her female family's history, and cute clothes! They give sound advice on everything from best friends to step parents. Lots of GREAT party ideas too, for birthdays, holidays, and just fun days! It doesn't have any advertising either, unless it is for American Girl clothing or the dolls. There are the cutest girls in it too. One magazine was devoted to dogs, and had recipes for doggie treats, doggie paper dolls and other activities, it was too cute! I wish it came out every month.


Where was this magazine when *I* was twelve?

My little sister is 12 years old, and she subscribes to this magazine. Every time she gets it, I have to beg her to let me read it when she's done.

Not only does this magazine have good, entertaining and well written articles, it also has 2 to 3 pages of advice other than the "I like this boy, what should I do?" letters that you find in 'teen magazines.

American Girl offers party ideas, crafts, projects, and good advice for girls in the awkward stages of adolescence.

You won't find any pop stars or make up tips here. (But if you ask me, that's a VERY good thing.)


A self esteem builder

I just love American Girl magazine for my nine year old daughter. In a time when the media is promoting pre-teens dressed in adult clothing it's nice to see a magazine showing girls dong age appropriate activities. The paper dolls are a great collectable and the activities every issue are fun and easy. I think it's great for girls to see their peers involved in sports, games, and family activities. I would recommend this magazine for girls from 7 to 14. As a mom I don't have to worry about the content. As you read it you'll find you enjoy the magazine as much as your daughter does. The crafts are fun too!!


Good Clean Fun

American Girl is full of slick, colorful pictures. It is very upbeat and takes a positive focus. I was looking for a magazine my nieces would like. American Girl was packed cover to cover with fun. It has good, down to earth advice and suggestions for fun. No kooky ideas or party suggestions that only rich kids can pull off. This magazine is great for kids. It speaks to them on their level and talks about things my nieces care about. I also checked out Girl's Life to see if it would be appropriate for my nieces. I didn't buy it. I felt it's goal was to push girls into acting older than they are. I was troubled by the wasn't too bad, but not really wholesome for young girls. I stuck with American Girl. My nieces enjoy it and I trust it.