Reviews For American Girl Magazine

a'' MUST HAVE'' for girls

WOW! We just recently started getting this magazine and we LOVE it.
I say we because I love it as much as my two daughters. We always find
interesting and easy ideas for parties. The girls especially like the
question and answer section in the back since they think I'm too old to
remember what it was like having crushes and going to parties. As soon
as the magazine comes, we all jump on the couch to look through it together. It has produced some great talks. Even the big ones about sex, drugs, and their first period. This magazine covers everything. And it makes me feel like a GREAT MOM when the mail comes. I have finally done
something COOL!!!!!!!


What our daughters should be reading

American Girl magazine is geared to girls aged 7-13. Much younger than that and many girls aren't reading at the appropriate level yet. Much older and they may be ready to move on. But honestly I'm surprised to read so many reviews by 10 or 11 year old girls who feel they're too old for this magazine. I don't believe girls that age NEED magazines based solely on makeup tricks, flirting with boys, etc. AG has articles such as dealing with relationships with friends. Like when you and your best friend start to grow apart. Or when she moves away. Articles like one about a girl whose family travels around the world on their sailboat for two years. Crafts that you can actually be proud to give at the age of 10.

Several reviewer have complained that the magazine is short and expensive. It is. But here's why: there is NO advertising (short of anything American Girl related). In many magazines, advertising accounts for easily half the pages. And advertising enables publishers to sell magazines for a low cost. AG has no advertising and so has to charge a fair price to produce it. I'm more than willing to pay for that kind of publication.

Parents ordering for your daughters, you know your girl. If you've got a 10 year old going on 16, this may not be for your child. If you have a precocious 6 year old, she might like it as well. AG is the kind of magazine I'm glad my daughters enjoy.

My daughter loves this magazine!

I ordered this magazine for my daughter for her eighth birthday, and she loves it! She is approaching her 11th birthday and she still loves this magazine. There is something in it for girls from every background. This magazine gets my highest possible recommendation.

Best Girls Magazine Yet

I am a sixteen-year-old former reader of American Girl who looked forward to it every month during elementary school. This magazine (as well as the entire company's products) encourages learning, thinking, creativity, independence, appreciation of the past, love of diversity, and self-expression. Finally in a world where half the women are encouraged to just be sex toys and the other half are taught that they should be obedient, unambitious, lower-class citizens and somehow enjoy their subhumanity, there is a voice telling girls to dream big, play hard, and explore themselves and their world. Educational, entertaining, and inspiring.

American Girl Magazine

Even though I am 14, I still think American Girl is a wonderful magazine. This magazine has absolutley NO ads. However they do include little tear outs to renew or subscribe.
In this magazine, there is a spot for about 4 or 5 letters from readers. They also teach you a new word, called the "buzzword" and they hide it somewhere in the issue and you find it. AG includes true stories, awesome ideas, polls, Art Gallery, quizzes, crafts and more.
Also, in each issue, there is "Heart to Heart." Girls can express themselves. The topics range from most embarassing moments to the nicest thing a friend has ever done for them. In the back, "HELP!" is when girls send in questions, like about growing up, frendship problems, and more and AG answers them.
The average issue has about 48 pages. I would recommend this for girls ages 8-12 most, but girls of any age would enjoy it.

My 10 year old loves this magazine!

As a parent of a pre-teen, I've found no other magazine that addresses the age between Sesame Street and Young Miss. This magazine does it very nicely. It gives my daughter lots of ideas for the holidays year around and she reads it cover to cover at least twice during the month. It's a favorite around our household!

One of the Best Magazines Ever!

American Girl is the ultimate magazine for girls ages 8-14. This magazine does not focus on dating, clothes, and make-up, but it is an inspiring magazine for girls. The magazine has many neat features, like contests every month, Heart to Heart, a section where girls can speak out on specific topics, true stories about girls, crafts, games, puzzles, quizzes, an advice column, and much, much more. One great thing about this magazine is that it has no advertisements! American Girl is the best magazine, and I love reading it! Girls will love it!

The BEST magazine for girls

Out of all the magazines out there aimed at girls ages 8-12, American Girl is the best. The motto of the company is to help foster girl's individuality, intelectual curiosity, and imagination, and the magazine lives up to those standards. In every issue, there are many articles about average girls who help their community in one way or another. There are also craft and cooking activities that are age-appropriate. The fiction stories are written by authors of well-know books, or storeis about the Ameiran Girl dolls, by the authors who wrote the books. There are also seasonal articles, for example every July they print ways to have fun in the heat, every September there are school tips, and every November there is an easy holiday craft/gift idea. The magazine is ad-free, therefore portraying the image that 'stuff' is not everything. Make-up, boys, and other teenage topics are barely mentioned, which I think is good because this magazine is sometimes read by 7-year-olds, who don't need to think about those things. This is the best choice for a fun and valuable magazine for girls.

A very wholesome magazine!

American girl is one of the best magizines I have EVER read. For people that think you must be rich to get anything out of it, you are very wrong. I think that it is good for girls ages 7-13. Its very much more appeling to me than magizines like teen people and girls life which only talk about boys and stars. Maby if you are in a rush to grow up you wont like it, but, if you are like me and are NOT boy crazy you will love it. P.S. to me discovory girls is good but, in comeaprason to AG is just cheezy
Rachel age 11

This is a fantastic magazeen for any age.

Im twelve years old and I simply enjoy AG magazeen. I love how compared to other girls magazeens it dosn't give you tips on what you should do if a boy likes you or how you should wear your hair. It makes you feel as though you are good enogh as you are and that is how every girl should feel when they read this magazeen. I pearsnally recomend this opposed to Discovery Girls although a great magazeen, I do read it and I modeld in the issue currently out, Ag girls dosn't make you feel quit so judged so your young girls should feel good about them selves after reading this page turner magazeen.