Reviews For American Girl Magazine

Not just for little kids

For one thing,just because there are kids who are obssesed with boys and makeup at age 11, doesn't mean that all 10 year olds decided to be 16. If youre 11 and not boy crazy, thats a good thing, and you'll like this magazine. If you're pretending youre 5 years in the future, fine, read all the teen stuff and leave this magazine alone. Its a good magazine, even though the person who said that the quizzes put lables on people has a point. I like the recipies and art projects, but my favorite part is the short story section. If you're looking for a magazine with advice on boys and makeup, this is not your magazine, but if you want a great read, get it.
p.s. the only flaw is that it comes once every 2 months.

Love It

I got the American Girl subscription when I was nine, and now I'm thirteen and still love it. It has lots of crafts and my favorite part-the "lunch box" section where they have ideas for food to make and take in your lunch to school. If your looking for magazines about style, boys and makeup, this magazine may not be for you, but you can still enjoy makeup and boys while liking crafts and monkey themed sleepovers as well. It is a short magazine, but they make up for it by having the JUMBO summer issue. I think its definitaly worth the money.

10 Reasons to Love American Girl:

1. It's age appropriate. AG does not get even close to going overboard about boys, makeup, fashion, and celebrities.
2. There are no advertisements. Instead, there are reviews of newfangled products, like electronics, toys, snacks, and sports equipment by AG readers our age. However, the reviews do not endorse the products.
3. Fresh and fun craft and recipie ideas. Every issue is packed with great crafts that tie into a seasonal theme, like locker decorating crafts in the September issue, and mini gingerbread houses in the December issue.
4. Great compositions. There are mysteries, poems, songs, short stories, and story competition winners sprinkled in every issue. They are well-written and fun to read.
5. Fun quizzes. The quizzes are not "What's Your Flirting Style?" but "Are You a Saver or a Spender?" and "What Would You Be in a Film Production?"
6. Fun facts and mini did-you-knows. There is a Girl's Express section at the beginning of each issue, with buzzwords, polls, product reviews, and little-known holidays.
7. Plenty of input from readers. There are craft, story, song, and made-up word competitions, polls, and opportunities to be a tester for AG crafts.
8. Fabulous design, layout, and illustrations. The magazine is colorful and fresh to look at. The illustrations enhance the overall appearance of the magazine.
9. The best content in a girls magazine I have ever seen. There are articles like "Are You a Party Smarty?" that gives you advice on what to do and how to act at family gatherings and ideas on how to use the sprinkler creatively in the summer months.
10. Sound advice. The advice is helpful and will actually work. The "Help!" letters featured in the magazine and the advice given can be used by almost everyone, not the sender of the letter exclusively.

The Best Magazine for Girls

American Girl is just the magazine you're finding. As you can see, parents don't have to worry about their daughters of reading magazines that are not suitable for their ages, this magazine doesn't talks about dating, crushes, fashion... (You name it!) There are some really good stuffs here, like wonderfully written articles and stories, some REAL girls' articles (Note: Some magazines are lying, they said they have real girls' life articles, but some of them are faking!), plenty of contests every month, Heart to Heart, a place where us girls can say what they wanted to, arts & crafts, puzzles, games, quizzes, columns and plenty more. But the best thing is... there are NO advirtisements!!! This is a truly great magazine you're looking for.

This is a perfect magazine!

This mag. is great for girls age 9-13! It has crafts, loads of contest, (with prizes)! neat stories, games, and tons more. This mag. doesn't focus on boys and make-up either. Makeing it a parent friendly!

American Girl Rocks!

To the person who wrote "American Girl is Stupid" it is not. They are not obsessd with bimonthly issues, and they are not making poor and middle-class people want to be rich. Maybe I am just not boy obsessed and that is why I like American Girl. I read girls life only because it is sooo stupid. American Girl is age-appropriate and is what girls SHOULD be reading. It has great articles, and does not care about style. Although the models do dress in clothes that are regular, well who doesn't? Really, American Girl fits my taste. I don't know if it fits yours.

American Girl is Awesome

I love this magazine. It always has so much fun stuff to do in it. I especially like learning about real life things girls have accomplished or been able to do, such as adopting a sister from China or going to both the North and South poles. I recommend this magazine to any girl from 8-?? I am almost a teenager but I doubt I will stop getting the magazine any time soon. It doesn't seem too old for me, while not too mature for my younger sister. We both get excited when a new issue arrives. Parents won't have anything to worry about concerning the mature content of the magazine. Absolutely nothing obscene or adult-oriented is shown at all. It's perfect for any girl.


Okay listen up everyone. Ag is great. I am 13 and I might be immature to you, but as far as I am concerned, teen people focuses more on celebs and fashion and stupid stuff like that. AG is all about real girls who want to be themselves and don't care about selfish girly people like you. I do admit that they shouln't put as much party planning stuff in there, but everything else is great, and the older issues from 2000/2001 are the best. It's great to take a break from all the people who don't want to break a sweat and only like to shop and read about real girls. If you are simply "too mature" for AG, then try girls life. It is the 14+ version of AG


ok everyone is saying how its expensive,but HELLO,if you really looked,you can find it for WAY less.i pay HALF of the price they pay.again,people say its boring and doesnt have celebrity and boys and stuff but thats what great about this mag!im 11,and im going through all the hard stuff you go through in your pre-teen and teen years,and its really comforting to know i can open a cool colorful safe mag that wont make me think abut hard and bad stuff!!!1its really great and my parents love it!!!!!!!!!!!its a great magazine.ive been getting it for years and i plan on getting it for many more to come.

Why American Girl Magazine Is My Favorite Magazine

I think American Girl Magzine is very interesting. They always have fun puzzles, games, and stories. American Girl Magazine always features something free in every issue, no matter what. And it is not one of those teen magazines that are always talking about makeup and hairstyles. AG is 10 years old, not so old that it is boring, but not too young for people not to read it. I would reccomend AG for girls up to the age of 13. American Girl does not carge too much for a subscription, and this is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, or a holiday. This is why AG is the best magazine around!