Reviews For Vogue Magazine

A good magazine but not like it used to be

Gosh how I yearn for the days when supermodels were splashed on the cover of "Vogue" magazine. I dont think I have an issue from within the past few years that a real model (and I dont mean Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston) has graced the covers for at least two consecutive months. I suppose this is Hollywood's answer to models becoming actresses that now the actresses are becoming models. Sorry but even though I think Nicole Kidman is a wonderful actress with a model figure, give me Gisele or Karolina any day of the week.


its good to browse at cause of all the latest styles but thats really it. It's nutn great

Ads, ads and more ads

Vogue is full of ads. I pick this magazine up and I don't start getting to the articles until I am a fourth through the thing. I find the articles quite boring and not informative at all. One good thing about Vogue is the photos are pretty artistic and you get an idea of how fashion is art, but that is about all I get out of it. So, if you like advertisments this mag is for you.


Yes, I'm a fashionista & this is supposedly the bible of the fashion industry! However, I find this magazine to be really dull. It has too many pages, too many advertisements & they show nothing but the most expensive designer clothes worn by the usual anorexic stick figure models who really need to eat! The articles are also very boring. They write about alot of really rich sociallites & high-society lifestyles. There's really nothing in this magazine I can use that relates to me. You'd have to be Paris Hilton to be entertained by this publication. If I want a great fashion magazine, I get ELLE because at least the clothing they show is a liitle more affordable & they have some great articles!

Downhill since they decided to put celebrities on the cover

Vogue self proclaims to be the fashion authority but alas it no longer is the case. Articles are insipid and tabloid gossip has taken over. If you truly want to see fashion, buy the French Vogue or better yet, "Numero". In the US, I now read Harper's Bazaar.

June`s issue on July 10th?

First copy came on July 10th, a month after I subscribed. But why was it June`s issue? I did not subscribe for outdated copies of the magazine...

Not my cup of tea...

This magazine is filled with ads and the articles are rarely very interesting (unless you make millions). Not worth my precious time!

Vogue is so OUT of vogue

A friend once said to me, "If you want a glossy that is a no brainer then get Vogue!"

How right she is, despite having glorious photography, fashion models that daren't stand sideways or you wouldn't be able to see them and the occasional good article in it, I have to admit I find Vogue too pretentious.

Vogue wants to be the voice of fashion, the voice of the high brow media but its clientele are the likes of you and me, ordinary people who can't afford to live the high life they are portraying on its gloss filled pages.

Personally I'd rather spend my money on a movie ticket, I get to see a good thriller, sci-fi, romance etc, etc I don't have to know about the substence abuse and emotional demons that haunt a particular actor's life, I'm just interested in enjoying myself for a couple of hours before I go back to my hard working life in the real world.

Vogue is trying to sell me a dream that I don't really want to buy into, never had a penchant for selling my soul to the devil, it's gets two stars though because the photography is really superb, shame about the rest of it though.

a noticeable drop in quality over the years

This month's issue of Vogue (July 2008, with Nicole Kidman on the cover) clarified for me the significant drop in quality at American Vogue over the years. The magazine has reduced in size, now smaller than US letter paper. The spine measures less than 1/4 inch. The printing and paper quality are low. The content of the July issue, in particular was watery. Vogue used to contain expansive descriptions of trends and details, but if the last few issues are an indicator, they must have fired a lot of writers. What exists now is not much more than product placement ads. The photo pages are few in number as well. I know that there is much more to fashion now that what was in Vogue lately. What's going on? Maybe there needs to be a change in editorial leadership. In the meanwhile, sadly I probably won't renew.

Boring Boring Vogue

This magazine is insipid and even worse it just keeps coming. I ordered a one year subscription and it has been arriving like clockwork for years. Apparently once they have your credit card number they renew it without permission.
The "free gift" with the subscription should have been a warning of how sophisticated Vogue actually is. The tote arrived, dirty and wadded up in a much too small plastic bag. I threw it out... now to get off the Vogue hook as well.