Reviews For Vogue Magazine

It doesn't even deserve one trash!!

Isn't it ironic that a magazine such as US Vogue couldn't be anymore passe if it tried. This has to be the WORST fashion magazine out today. Everything from the covers to the editorials are mediocre at best. If you want a REAL fashion magazine, try Vogue Italia....much better than its ... American counterpart.


This magazine is filled with ads and the articles are rarely very interesting (unless you make millions). Not worth my precious time!


I've got only 2 vogue magazines sine last 2 monthes... December and Januarly issues... Both of them I've got at the end of Januarly. I wonder
when can I get February issue.... at the end of March? Its cheap... Hum...

Charged in December, But Nothing In Mail

I'd like to find out about getting a refund, since I've been charged for a magazine subscription without getting any actual issues. This is a very disappointing "special offer".

Ew! What a Mean Magazine!

I bought the latest issue of Vogue, because my favorite actress (Gwyneth Paltrow) was on the cover. I thought, Ick! What a girly wirly magazine. I like smelling the pages, though, and taking the samples. Sometimes I get papercuts!! What a stupid magazine it gives you paper cuts, no other mag. has done that to me. Don't buy it if you hate blood.. your fingers will be full when you flip to, like, the fifth page! It's a basically, Buy This Get This Free magazine. I flipped to the first page, cut up the book with my knife in 1067 pieces, (I counted) and fed it to my dog, Gumby, and my dog choked on the pieces! I'm sending a big, 30 page complaint letter that says these pages are chokable, a little baby could tear of a piece, plop it in his mouth and die! Come back home and find a dead baby in your crib. Oh well, no more smelly diapers to change! Would be the only good side of a dead baby. Not to mention, Gumby is now alive but slowly dying of Morencelucoius Voguelmagozolocus, a diseas where animals digest pages. Look it up, ask your mom, it's true.

If you buy this magazine, ghosts will haunt you in your dreams, saying things like, You must die because you bought Vogue! It happend to me and I couldn't sleep for the past seventy three days. No joke, I counted. Anyway, now I hate Gwyneth, they made her sound so terrible and stuff, and now it's convinced me, even though it might not be true, and I seriously can't stand her! And what kind of name is Vogue! It's hard to pronounce, I think it's Vogoo so I asked the Magazine Store lady and she said something mumblish and I said, What! She yelled at me because I couldn't hear her, what a witch with a B instead of W. So now I call it Vogoo. Not my fault. They should make the front page say, It's pronounced: (Whatever it is) with those things or else people will stop buying it because it's way to hard to pronounce! I prefer Crayola Kids magazines and Kid Planet. Plus, every single word in Vogue is spelled wrong, I counted this special issue only I got, not you, and ever single word, (I checked in the dictionary) is wrong! This is how they spelt the word I: Eye. Am: Em. Vogue: Vugoe. What idiots! Anyway, get Kid Planet it's the best for all ages and Crayola Kids has fun crafts so buy it, buy it, buy it! Unless your poor stick your boring old, paper choking, weird smelling, ugly, typoed magazine.