Reviews For Vogue Magazine

Vogue is in a league of its own

As Vogue documents the hottest looks from the world's best designers, the entire fashion industry holds its breath in anticipation- then scrambles to interpret what Vogue dictates: the magazine is that influential. If you're looking for good, practical advice on cosmetics or picking the right style swimsuit for your body type, you're better off with Glamour or Marie Claire. What you'll find in Vogue is not really "practical" but rather high falutin', haute couture kind of stuff. Compared to other popular women's magazines, what distinguishes Vogue from the rest is how it successfully situates the fashion/beauty business as a vital, viable and artistic component of culture and society. So you're not just getting fashion layouts to look at, but also great articles on writers, architects, actors, art exhibits, and so on. Most everything pictured in Vogue is of course, out of the average person's price range, and the overall magazine's tone makes no apologies for this snobbery. But I still think it's a beautiful magazine to look at for its artistic vision, and for well-written articles on culture.

Glossy Body Art

For me, the September issue of Vogue, with its 700 page issue, is more than eye candy. It's art. It's that simple. I no longer look at most of the fashion in the magazine, nor the models, as realistic, something that can ever transfer into my own life, nor would I want it to. It reminds me of trips to art museums where I can admire one painting half the afternoon, but it doesn't mean I want it hanging on my wall at home.

Vogue's photography is exquiste, pure art. The glossy pages, the vibrant, sometimes muted colors, seem to jump off the page. The images make my mind wander and explore. When I finally got over the ridiculous prices and the more ridiculously thin models with legs longer than I am tall, I was able to fully appreciate the artistry of the ads and fashion spreads. I find the ads are as engaging as the fashion spreads, which is a good thing, for the magazine is at least half ads.

Some of the articles are quite good as well. I scan the few society articles, and I've been surprised at the high number of well-written pieces that apply to the average world-wise woman. Cosmo readers most likely won't find much in Vogue, but I'd say women over 30, who are relatively sophisticated, will find articles geared toward them.

Overall, Vogue is a high end publication with excellent, artistic photographers and produces rather sweet eye candy with a good number of current, well-written non-fashion articles.

Read it for the interviews

The clothes are fun to look at too - even though most of us can't even dream about buying stuff by Prada or Carolina Herrera. Maybe that's WHY Vogue is so much fun. This mag evades the snob category by covering very serious subjects in its articles and interviews, and they do slip in affordable fashions for the average woman. Fun, so it rates a five for me


I'm a thirteen year old boy who's life revolves around fashion. I have tons and tons of magazine subscriptions, maybe ten? But vogue is probably my favorite. Everyone thinks it's just a fashion magazine, but it is so much more. It has everything someone needs, adult or teen. The fashion sections are absolutely fantastic. A lot of people want to see clothes that they cant afford in a magazine, it makes them feel good. And the vogue articles are very brilliant. I highly recommend 110/100.

Fast shipping!

When I ordered the magazine it said it would take about 4-6 weeks to arrive, but came much sooner then that.

Articles are extremely well written and photography is fab!

The articles are well written by articulate, knowledgeable writers. If you're into Glamour, Cosmo, or other such poorly written drivel this is not the magazine for you. However, if you truly appreciate fashion and are interested in looking great this is the ONLY fashion magazine to consider!

Mass with Class

How can you not love Vogue? In this day in age of reality tv, do it your self magazines, and everything banal that Americans love so much, it's really quite wonderful to have a fantasy. Who wants to read about themselves? Certainly not me. I love Vogue's photography and I really like the fact that they often publish photos that push the envelope, then someone will write a letter to the editor in a fury, and Vogue will publish the photo again - little tiny this time - right by their little letter. But c'mon now- what other fashion magazine can you read that also talks art, politics, and food? Yes, even people who can keep their food down like this magazine. Jeffery Steingarten is informative and entertaining, Irving Penn is a genius, the art direction is chic and smart, and the editors do a great job keeping an instituion alive and modern.

THE BEST!!!!!!

If your a woman and you love designer fashion this magizine is for you. I love the photolayouts of the clothing and the smell of the mag(sounds wierd). Good magizine for you fashionestas


It is the go-to for fashion, style, beauty, and everything in between. It is the Fashion Bible!


awesome price!!! awesome product!!! fast delivery!!! who could ask for more??? thanks so much! God bless you!! :)