Reviews For Vogue Magazine

THE magazine to read!

Vogue has been the top fashion magazine for decades. If you want to know upcoming fashion designs from the world's greatest designers, you will want to read Vogue. Always a thick, lushly photographed production, you always get more than your money's worth subscribing to Vogue.

The Magazine Diva Says........

This mag has its ups and downs but there is no other magazine with more class and originality. It's an icon all over the world. The editor has inspired books and movies for her perfectionism and professionalism. She and Vogue have gone a long way toward making women strong and independent. Without Vogue magazine fashion would not be a multi-billion dollar industry.

#1 for fashion

Not for the interviews. Vogue is about fashion. I read it to stay up with what's what.

A must have!

If you want to know ANYTHING about upcoming style and fashion, VOGUE is a must have staple!

The best men's magazine ever....

For all men who love: looking at women in beautiful clothes; the magnificently sculptured faces; the exquisitely-shaped calf whose endpoint is the tip of the high-heeled shoe; the Nordstrom paintings; and the ingenuity behind the advertisements......

The March edition, currently on the stands now, and described as the biggest spring issue ever, is by far the best one ever put in print. The fashions are best described by geometry......

Its contents are the perfect reflection of the attitudes, aesthetics, and severity of the twenty-first century.

Fashion Sense!

This magazine if full of fun fashion items! It shows you some great ideas of how to do things for the upcoming year! Its a definite go!!

Geeky Glamour: Chloe Sevigny

Chloe is far from geeky, she's Hollywood's best kept secret. The sexy sultry 27 year old woman has made straight women all over America turn their heads in amazement, well at least, for me. She is the only actress in the business who does not feel the need to show off her perfectly shaped butt...and for that I look up to her. I would love to see this hip indie actress hit the mainstream; she needs to teach Hollywood a thing or two on how to be real and not so superficial. Her attitude will light up the screen and I can't wait to see it. Kudos to Chloe!

Vogue is FASHION

Vogue is serious fashion. This magazine is for followers of couture designers and the fashion industry. It is not for those who want 10 ways to Drive a Man Crazy in Bed! Vogue offers the most complete coverage of seasonal shows as well as beautiful fashion layouts....Mine arrives in the mail about two weeks after it is out ont he stands.

Beautiful, but . . .

Vogue fantastic high fashion photos. If you love to look at beautiful clothing and shoes you need to look at Vogue. However, as other reviews have indicated, the articles are quite lacking. They are often flat without much substance on topics that are frankly not interesting. So, you get Vogue for the pictures. If your looking to ogle pretty clothes or for inspiration for an art project this is a great magazine, if you want something to read get something else.

Fashion and style par excellence

I have been interested in fashion ever since I can remember - the top quality leather accessories that sprang up from the pages of glossy magazines, the feel of soft silk on my skin, the delicate but protective texture of a Burberry raincoat. I could go on and on.

I remember the first fashion magazine that ever stood out among all others of its kind in my eyes was an edition of French Vogue, which featured Akira Kurosawa on its cover, just as he was putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece "Ran". Although Vogue's French edition is still my favourite (closely followed by British Vogue, the resource used by my long time icon Princess Diana), now that I live in America, I subscribe to the American version of the magazine, which has been run for decades by alleged "devil" Anna Wintour.

These days Vogue still does not disappoint in its content, although the quality of the paper it is printed on could certainly use some improvement - I much prefer the glossy stock British "Red" is printed on. But the magazine does count among its contributors with the best photographers out there, such as Patrick Demarchelier and my personal favourite, Annie Leibovitz, and the best writers and ad consultants in the business. Within a year and a half apart, I can speak with high regard of my two favourite issues: the first one being the one from March 2009, which featured our brand new First Lady of the times, Michelle Obama, and the most recent one from September 2010, a huge, 700 page + issue, with Halle Berry on the cover, and companion of Vogue's annual event "Fashion's Night Out". The former was entitled "The Power Issue", and it included in-depth profiles of philanthropists and world-known personalities like Queen Rania of Jordan, First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Billionaire Melinda Gates. Each of these women had a powerful message to bring to Vogue's readers attention, be it women's issues, political issues and aid given to less developed countries through entities like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The pictures of Michelle Obama and the one of Queen Rania, in a white embellished Dries Van Notten shirt are my favourites.

The latter edition has one of the most luxurious collections of photographs and advertisements, but it also includes a very personal narrative about the consequences of the oil disaster in the gulf of Mexico by a writer that spent a large part of her childhood in it. I enjoyed the profile on Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline of Monaco's daughter, in all her equestrian regalia designed by Gucci exclusively for her.

What I like about Vogue is that it is a publication that manages to cover every single subject, health, environmental issues, fashion, gardening, arts, film, books, architecture and, of course, fashion, with style and panache. The photo montages of the advertisements are - literally - out of this world, and one can only imagine must have taken weeks to prepare. Even minimalistic details have sent me more than once on expeditions to stores on the lookout for that one item I saw in the magazine, usually priceless due to its uniqueness. Vogue still is, and I have a feeling will keep being, my personal favourite. Now if they could only do something about the paper it is printed on...