Reviews For Vogue Magazine

Not as Good as it Once Was

Vogue used to be my favorite fashion mag out there, but today the advertisements are simply ridiculous. I think the ad to editorial ratio must by 90:10. It still has wonderful fashion tips, but the ads are becoming burdonsome. In Style has replaced Vogue as my #1 fashion mag, but I'll always be a Vogue reader.

My wife seems to like it

I bought it for my wife and she seems to like it though I am not sure whether or not she reads through all the texts may be she just focus on the pictures to get a idea of current fashion trend to give her some guidance in shopping.

All about the fashion in ads

People are always complaining about the ads. Well guess what, vogue is not a magazine to READ. It's a magazine to LOOK at. And that is my reason for being such a loyal subscriber.

I love fashion, and I love looking at the ads, judging outfits and models, comparing and contrastiong. I am an aspiring fashion designer (among many other talents) and Vogue is my key source to what goes into my portfolio. So Many ads with high fashion, cut out what you like, arrange, and paste it to show your creativity.

It's all about the clothing. Though it sure is a bit degrading. Media image portrayal on women is depicting; models typically being emanciated and tall symbolize beauty and everything else. Being all fashion, Vogue surrounds this world of the impossible "ideal", from a cover with the ghastly yoga super model Chrity turlington (who was featured bent in all abnormal ways wearing a skimpy yoga thong thing. *intense therepy*) to ads with the new "it models". So be carefull not to get sucked into the "ideal" vogue and fashion promotes.

In conclusion. if you just want literature, invest your money in the new yorker.

Very Good Fashion Magazone

High fashion has become an art form, and Vogue is excellent in its presentation of the latest in women's clothes. What disappoints me is that like every women's magazine now, Vogue has mostly gone to having actresses and other entertainers on its covers. For that reason alone, I cannot give it 5 stars.

I wish these publications would be honest about what kinds of deals are cut to get the people they have on their covers.

If you're a fashion enthusiast...

...then you will love Vogue! Vogue is THE fashion magazine -- the competition pales in comparison. This gem does not only supply beauty and fashion advice, it breathes it. I love the articles on the latest fashions, love the profiles on the latest designers and I absolutely love the layouts taken from runway shows in London, Paris, Milan, New York, etc. I shall continue to renew my subscription as long as Vogue continues to maintain my healthy diet of Valentino and Prada.

Still My Favorite Magazine

I 'discovered' fashion magazines at age 12 and, more than 20 years later, Vogue has remained my favorite. It exposed me to the glamour and lifestyle that up until that point I did not know existed - the fashion spreads and even the advertisements made (and still make) quite an impression on me. I especially enjoy reading Andre Leon Tally's Style Fax every month, in addition to "People Are Talking About," and of course the fasion layouts never fail to disappoint me.
Keep up the good work.

Best diet ever...

Keep a copy of Vogue in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. One critique though, the pages retain puke and gastric juices and begin to smell a little funny after a while. You would think that the sample of Aqua di Gio would cover it up, but no.

Great fashion tips

I personally think this magazine is great. First of all I'm a 16 year old is everything in high school-you practicly are what you dress. I know it sounds materialistic, it is, but you have to roll with the times. A couple months ago, I bought the fall issue of Vogue. They had many wonderful clothes for the fall-including the many exotic and elegant jackets. Thanks to that magazine, I went out to Wilson's Leather Store and bought a leather jacket (the ones with "shaggy fur" around the collar and sleeves) which were almost exactly like the ones in Vogue. I have had many compliments about my jacket. Anyways, I was one of the first people having this type of jacket...this magazine will help you start the trend for once, not the other way around. It is mainly just ads, but it desplays the in-syles for every season, giving you a chance to dress great.

My Love-Hate Relationship

Oh, I love Vogue and its flashy, flaunting of fashion, its articles lauding vacuous socialites, "it-girl" actresses and the occasional over-40 writer/power moguls, and pages of outerspace-priced clothing on willowy martian-looking mannekins (who we all know now on a first name basis). Really, I love it! Okay, well, it is a bit in love with itself and its authority on fashion, but really ladies, fashion won't save the world, no matter how many charity balls you cover. It's hard to get as worked up over a (last season) pair of ostrich shoes or clutch purse, and enter a mosh pit at some Barney's outlet sale at your "insider's" behest. It really could whip some impressionable young people into a froth of rampant materialism! Makes one wonder if those bound-in perfume samples are starting to smell like "advertorial!"

Vogue does have its merits, including great photography, the occasional thought-provoking article by a guest writer, and bits on designers lurking on the fringes of affordability. Still, it's a fun bit of eye-candy and fantasy/vicarious luxury living each month. Yes, I do have a subscription, but I read it with a boulder of salt lodged firmly in my cheek.


My order was placed July 13th....I rcv'd the "July" issue a couple of days I wonder if I'll get the August issue-b/c it's already 8/19/10.....and I only got the July issue. I was thinking my 1st issue would be the Sept. issue since it can take 6-10 weeks for the 1st issue to arrive. The first issue usually comes in a plastic cover.....mine didn't have one so I guess they stopped the plastic covers! I called vogue CS-they can't send me the Aug. issue...and they don't know if I'm going to get it-so they just extended my sub. 2 months.