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Vanity Fair

VF covers relevant and interesting topics about people. Just the right mix of glamour and intelligence.

Beauty and brains

Vanity Fair looks good and has interesting articles to suit just about everyone's interests. I read all the articles, because they are so well and interestingly written. Vanity Fair is simply the best magazine in the world. The magazine makes me feel like I'm part of an open minded elite world.


Excellent magazine, the articles are hard to put down, pictures and fashions are up to date!! This is a MUST HAVE!

Best magazine for current events and interesting stories...

Vanity Fair is a great magazine. I took a few of them on a visit to my sister's house last summer. I mentioned to my brother-in-law (an avid reader) that I thought he would enjoy one of the articles. He politely commented that he thought it was a "women's" magazine. However, not only did he read the article, he read ALL of the articles. I recently went to visit them again, and he had the current copy on the coffee table.

My point is, despite the interesting cover shots, which may lead one to believe the magazine is simply a tabloid geared to women, it truly not. It is an excellent source for a large variety of information. It's also a great way to sharpen ones vocabulary...

Intelligent Writing

In Vanity Fair I learned the George W. Bush was likely dyslexic. How's that for research? No where else did I read about that aspect of our ex-president.

Took a while, but worth it!

Magazine takes a while to get to your mailbox, but sure enough, it did get there within the given time frame. Can't beat the price!

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is the only magizine I subscibe to. The articles are always fascinating and I look forward to its arrival. Only problem is finding time to read everthing!

Still a satisfied informed subscriber

I am a longtime subscriber and am pretty satisfied with the direction that the mag has gone in substance and opinions as well as the eye-opening articles that a lesser mag wouldn't touch. The investigative reporting is as good or better than the New York Times in my opinion. There are sections of the mag that seem dated but I find that these articles are just the mag's way of bragging about their longevity. also the VF party attendances (usually the first section you reach when settling down to read) are also months behind the overall feel of the magazine. I still think VF is probably the best news, opinion and style magazine on the stands today.

A Great Magazine !

I have read Vanity Fair off and on for years. I thoroughly enjoy the articles most often on current events. I'm loving my subscription !

vanity fair

I purchased this magazine for a friend she has purchased this magazine before and enjoyed it I ALSO HAVE PURCHASED VANITY FAIR BEFORE AND LIKE THE DIVERSITY OF THE MAGAZINE.I give this magazine 5 stars