Reviews For Vanity Fair Magazine


There is no other magazine with better coverage and articles than this.
It just doesn't get any better!

Vanity Fair Magazine

Great subscription price and such interesting, in depth articles! I also enjoy ogling all the couture jewelry I will never be able to afford.

Magazine review

This is the best "all around" magazine I've read. Plenty of current topics and insights into people and celebrities done in an intelligent way. Information pertinent to men and women. It's the only magazine I read from cover to cover...and that's a lotof reading since it's so full of information.

Pageloads Of Delicious Information

Vanity Fair is the best magazine I've picked up in years. The writers are skilled and seasoned; and, the editors do a terrific job of choosing, arranging, and policing grammar.

The variety of subject matter is pleasing. Topics are presented in a respectful, yet casual manner. I feel as though I'm having a conversation with the writer. Vanity Fair writers and editors have a way of predicting my responses, and addressing them in the order of my thoughts.

I do not feel coerced or hoodwinked as I read through the magazine. The photos are perfect. We do not live in a pore-less society.

I'm going to treat myself to a subscribtion of this substantial information, presented in elegant and quality packaging. No fluff in Vanity Fair

A fascinating magazine

Vanity Fair is a mixture of glitz, superficiality, glamor and real journalism! One only needs to read some of the superficial social/celebrity commentaries of Dominik Dunne and compare them to the serious journalism, such as the disclosure of the wistleblower story at British Marican Tobacco to appreciate the range of matter covered here.

I find in almost every issue at least one article of interest.

Simply the Best!

I just can't imagine a month without Vanity Fair. I could do without the advertisement overload, but aside from that, it's a well written mag including Celebrity photo's and the articles are superb. I look forward to receiving it each month as I have for over 10 years. It even has a section called Night Table Reading, that highlights what some famous people are currently reading. Over the years I have been directed to some wonderful books via this forum.

Love it!

I've been subscribing for about 10 years now. I love the in-depth, thorough interviews which showcase celebrities, politics and pop-culture and the photography is outstanding. I also enjoy Dominick Dunne's true-crime monthly feature. I do NOT however, enjoy the huge Hollywood issue which comes out once a year. It's a little too much eye candy and no substance for my taste. A great magazine for someone who enjoys lots of detail and a little juicy gossip.

Magazine theat fits my lifestyle

In an age when printed matter is less important, this magazine is so well put together with interesting material that it is a pleasure to hold in your hands and actually READ!!!

Best magazine out there

I get several magazines, but this is the only one I read cover to cover. When friends and family come over, they reach for the Vanity Fair magazine first thing and become obsorbed in the pictures and articles (to some extent). Mainly the pictures. I personally love them both.

Just what I ordered!

Excellent price! Excellent product! However, it truly took the amount of time listed for the subscription to begin, so be prepared to wait 6 to 8 weeks.