Reviews For Vanity Fair Magazine

My Fave Mag by a Mile!

Why do I love Vanity Fair? It has such a great mix of all the things I want to read. Political issues, true crime articles, great Hollywood interviews, wonderful pictures and news items that are up to the minute. Recently my husband and I traveled to Maine and I read almost the entire thing to him while we were in the car. Enough stuff for both of us to love. I pass this on to my whole family and they can't wait. Dominic Dunn's Diary is a must-read as well. I always feel like I'm stepping into the "in crowd" when I read it's pages!

Best in Every Way

First time I bought this magazine in 1992, it was very expensive and it was time when finding foreighn magazines and newspapers in Moscow was a great problem. And as I said it was my first big impression. Since that time VF became my best love I have every issue since that one of 1992. Design, style, articles all is perfect. During past 10 years VF has changed a lot in different ways but whenever I looked at the book shelves or show-cases with lots of magazines I always matched VF. It's a great individuality, it's a simbol of proffecionality.

"Fair" Game

Vanity Fair is one of the best magazines around. It has a fantastic combination of style and substance.

As a reader we are treated to a constant barrage of ads from the elite fashion designers of our time combined in-depth articles from the elite writers of our time. David Halberstam, Dominick Dunne, and Sebastian Junger are all regular contributers. To finish it off, we are kept up to date on the latest gossip and events in "high society."

It takes nearly a month to read an issue cover to cover and it is well worth the price of the subscription.

Buy one issue from the rack and by the time you are finished, I guarantee you will be filling out the subscription form.

Great Articles

Vanity Fair is one of the best magazines out there for well written articles. It has interesting articles on celebrities and some current events. The photos are great as well as the layout. My husband and I both love this magazine.

The great writing keeps me coming back

There's only one reason I look forward to receiving this magazine - the way the feature stories report not only an event, but also the characters (I mean, people) within them. Writers would benefit from reading these pieces on a regular basis.

One of my favorites

Great well researched articles on well-known celebrities and those in the business community.

I so look forward to each issue

I've had an ongoing subscription to Vanity Fair for about 10 years.It is the one magazine subscription that I won't let expire.I really love it,especially Dominick Dunne's articles and the rabid anti- Bush stance of the entire editorial staff. Well worth the price.

LOVE Vanity Fair!!!

I just can't rave enough about this magazine. The articles are incredibly well written, fascinating, and cover such a wide range of topics from politics and world affairs (current and past) to society scandals. My favorite magazine of all time. A 'must' for the well-educated, open-minded individual.

Excellent Articles

I have always enjoyed Vanity Fair for it's good writing and interesting articles. After years of having too much to do and not enough time to read, I stopped my subscription and just renewed last month (Jan '09). I now know more about Fannie, Freddie and the Bush Adm. than Am. History would have ever taught me. It's good to have VF back!

Life reflected in pulp. Dreams written on paper. Imagination come to life.

Vanity Fair embodies the very essence of what it means to be an informed, modern American. It provides insights from every aspect of life from around the world. Interesting and articulate, entertaining and informative. In a single issue you are guaranteed something to make you think, smile, reflect, and feel alive.
When you enjoy an issue of Vanity Fair, it is one of the most relaxing ways you can spend your time without feeling you've wasted a moment.