Reviews For Vanity Fair Magazine

Fascinating and timely articles

Vanity Fair is my favorite magazine. The articles are in depth and timely. It tackles controversial issues with finesse. I look forward to each issue.


Vernon NJ

Informative Reading

One of the best for topical information. Great articles on people and news of the day.

Vanity Fair

One of the great values in magazines, great stories, interesting pix from cover to back it's one of the best buys in magazines you can make.

Review of Vanity Fair Subscription

I enjoy this publication and look forward to receiving my copy in the mail! The magazine gives me insight into current world affairs, happenings in the social whirl of New York, La et... Current updates on my favorite celebrities and reknown figures in the corporate & private sectors of society & the business world.

Ultra fashion trends plus juicy read!

Vanity Fair encompasses the best in cutting eadge high fashion and well written controversial articles about people, fashion, and the world surrounding it all. Always a thick, lushly photographed magazine, its contributors are the tops in their fields. Vanity Fair is important enough in the magazine world to spark trends, controversy, and provides world recognized photography. A thoroughly delicious read!

Fashion but Smarter than Vogue

This magazine is provactive and thoughtful, with groundbreaking interviews- yet it still has the fashion. - Noga Rosenthal

Picked only one from all the others.

I quit subscribing to all fashion magazines. The models are emaciated and look like freaks. Our society is sick. Women are not supposed to be angular, they are naturally rounded; These magazines include Vogue, W, Elle, Cosmo. I keep Vanity Fair around for the articles. Well written ones on politics, art, business, and life in general. Loved the stories on Eli Broad, Rupert Murdoch, George Bush, the Obamas, Clintons, White House strategies, Karl Rove, and wasn't there one on Brooke Astor? Takes a long time to read one issue. Kiss Kiss!

Vanity Fair subscription

I have loved the magazine for years and decided it would be smarter to subscribe. The first issue came a month earlier than I expected in perfect condition. This was a wonderful buying experience.

WOW - be forewarned

Shipping estimate:February 23, 2008
Delivery estimate:May 8, 2008

Arrived between March 16 and 23, 2008

Vanity Fair has always been a favorite of mine. But be warned: the subscription may arrive sooner than expected, about 6 weeks before estimated in my case. Not wanting to miss the current issue I purchased one to take on spring break. When I arrived back from vacation I found the same issue in the mail. I know, I should have been patient, but I couldn't help myself! I guess I'll be giving one away.

A Must-Have

Don't be fooled by the pretty faces on the cover. This is one of the savviest newsmagazines around. Read it and love it for the crackling writing, the grown-up humor, and the inside story. Then treat yourself to the dish about the sins of the rich (who are usually NOT the people in the tabloids, but mysterious financiers who live offshore and have dark and shady pasts...) and a brief interview with the cover celeb. It's one of the best monthlies available.