Reviews For Vanity Fair Magazine

Overall a fabulous magazine

I have come to love Vanity Fair. My first isue of joy was the Roseanne bustier issue. How long ago was that. It does tend to pander sometimes but the depth of the articles makes it a worthy magazine to not only buy but keep. I often think of it as a book a month. It can be so dense and information packed that the larger issues can take longer than a month to read and consume.

Journalistic delight

Vanity Fair is a heaven for readers, and it must be a workers heaven for a journalist.

It's filled with article's, feature's, fact's et al, so well investigated and written that it should be used for educational purposes for young jornalist's in other countries -- in Denmark, indeed.

It's dangerous and its beatifull for the understanding of reporting often "dangerous" stuff about dangerous people in dangerous places.

I read it wit great pleasure as a tough reporter, as an editor, and as a journalistic advisor -- and centainly as a real READER.

Can't live without Vanity Fair

I don't remember when I first started reading Vanity Fair, but it was many years ago and I have continued to read this great publication, as well as save the issues for the longest time. I find it to be the most complete magazine for me and I'm always looking forward to the next issue. Thank you, Vanity Fair, and keep up the great work.

The Magazine Diva Says........

This is the intelligent fashion magazine that doesn't treat fashion lovers like idiots! Great in depth articles on screenplays, celebs, charities, politics, and of course - FASHION. Duh!

If Vanity is Wrong I don't Want To Be Right

Let me say straight up, this is a great is one of the few magazines that is consistantly good. I have been a subscriber for seven years and I can say without reservations that this is one of the best magazines in print. The contributing writers like, Christopher Hitchens are first rate, I will admit Hitchens is an aquired taste, but he always makes me think..and laugh everytime I read his essay's, whether I agree or not. I also enjoy reading Dominic Dunne's diary, he really does have a great life, and he knows everyone..who's anyone, granted he is a total gossip and a social butterfly, but he knows it, he is in on the joke so to speak. I was afraid the quality of the magazine would suffer when the singular Tina Brown left, but Greydon Carter has continued her steller helmsmanship. I highly recommend this magazine, I really don't know a soul who has subscribed to this magazine that has not loved it..honest.

My Favorite Magazine

Vanity Fair is my favorite Magazine. I enjoy the editorial features as well as fashion, entertainment and so much more. It smells better than other piece of mail in my mailbox.

Hollywood's vanity

The September, 2002 issue of Vanity Fair is about 300 pages long. The first 200 pages has 198 pages of beautiful color ads for the top of the line designer clothing, makeup, jewelry, and fragrances. 2 pages are devoted to letters to the editor and brief movie synopses.

Then, there are five articles, and more ads. One article is the evolution of the covers of Vanity Fair. Very interesting these covers. Even as a teenager (some 25 years ago) I always thought Vanity Fair had great covers. They started as art many moons ago, cartoons, and developed into pictorials of the hottest stars of the moment.

Vanity Fair is cutting edge. The hottest, richest, brightest...and that goes for the stories. Last month, the history of Michael Ovitz - was the story of a man who was King of Hollywood until he decided that everyone powerful conspired against him and his new business. It does quote the people who supposedl stopped his success, but not everyone across the country cares about or knows who Michael Ovitz is.

The article this month about Jennifer Connelly is nice. She is very attractive and the article explains her to us nicely,as well as her career and her aspirations.

There is the outtake from the Verbal History of Saturday Night Live - quotes from Lorne Michaels, the original cast, and some of the succeeding cast members as well. It talks about everyone and their drugs, their sexual relationships, and the concepts of the show. There are funny parts, and wacked out parts as you can imagine!

There is an article about girls' sexual power parties in Manhattan. Very revealing. An article about the instability of the A300-600 airbus, like the one which crashed in Queens last November.

There are articles by Dominick Dunne, whose life is certainly full of encounters with every kind. He talks about his White House visit, his meeting with Nancy Reagan, his exotic and exclusive invitations - all very fun to keep up with. Living vicariously is the best I can do from Indiana some days.

Vanity Fair is a real mixture of things. It is gossip and innuendo, mixed with factual reporting, diary, and party news. As a sponsor of some of the largest and most exclusive events in the world (soiree in Cannes for the film festival, cher amie)they attract (via their sexy editor, no doubt) hot, famous, frontline people, and news.

One probably won't read EVERY article, but it's a ride. The photography is very cool as well.

Vanity Fair is a huge change from Time, and even from People. I won't subscribe forever, but it gets me mentally "out of the house."

Buy one - you'll see.


Primary Reason for Buying: News/Current Events
This is a: Tabloid

think it's one of the best

I don't subscribe to many magazines but I adore 'Vanity Fair." The old photographs and articles on almost forgotten crimes and scandals fascinate me. Naturally, the photographs of Anne Leibovitz are classic and I save old copies of issues with her photographs. I think the reporters and writers they use are among the best in the business.
The magazine contains much advertising but I think that's the sign of a healthy publication. Most of the ads are interesting and attractive. As a long time subscriber I think I always learn some things I hadn't known before.
The magazine is a bargain if you are a subscriber, the cost is just a little over one dollar a month.
There is one thing thing that doesn't make much sense and that's the monthly horoscope. It seems to be written with tongue in cheek and is a little off the wall.
The magazine gives you and inside look at some
things that the news media has only skimmed the surface.


This is a: News magazine

Well Written Articles Often Breaking News

Vanity Fair Magazine is a conundrum for me and because it is, I have frequently subscribed then let the subscription laps only to subscribe again. I've been through this process at least 4 times.

On the one hand I enjoy it's articles especially those dealing with political topics and have found that this magazine often breaks news no one else has gotten out to the masses. It's articles are well written. It's photographs are often brilliant.

One the other hand other articles are so like the book Vanity Fair magazine is named after focusing on very wealthy people whose values, morals and lack of both leave me feeling polluted. William Makepeace Thackerary wrote the book Vanity Fair as a satire of English society in the 1800's exposing the darker side of human nature, people full of hypocrisy and selfish, self indulgent, self focus. When he was criticised for focusing on the negative qualities of his characters , Thackeray said that he saw people for the most part as "abominably foolish and selfish".

Hence my conflict. This is a slick, thick magazine full of advertisements, a common complaint this days but those ads make it possible for subscribers to buy the magazine at lower rates so that's the trade off. It usually has a mix of articles on celebrities, political writings, the doings of movers and shakers and the changes in fashion.

A lot of the information I could easily live better without. But it is well written and I would suggest subscribing to see if the information and pleasure it gives you is worth filtering through the greed and corruption and glorification of what is rampant iniquity.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles
This is a: News

What If I Could Find The Table of Contents?

At twelve dollars for twelve issues, Vanity Fair is fair for everyone's house or a great gift for friends. The cover is always enticing. I find it much easier to just flip through the magazine rather than look for the illusive table of contents. Some issues might only have one or two articles of interest to you, while others will delight. The January 2001 issue really put me to sleep because I don't care about North Korea, and the article about Saul and Gayfryd Steinberg was excruciatingly boring.

On the other hand, "Shooting Past 80" was a fascinating collection of photographic images of the twentieth century and its greatest photographers. Due to my fond memories of the Turkish people and their land, I found it repulsive to have an article on "The Importance of Peeing, Ernst," and a photo to boot of Princess Caroline of Monaco's husband, Prince Ernst, at the opening of Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany, urinating on the fence of the Expo's Turkish pavilion. I would have rather seen a picture of Prince Ernst taking his little thing out in front of Prince Rainier.

The article "The Counterfeit Rockefeller" was interesting, detailed, and long. The article "Glamour, Without Apologies" had just enough prose and the right amount of photographs to give you an interesting look at Catherine Zeta-Jones.

This issue also contains the standard article on Clinton being "The Great Survivor." People who are interested in celebrities will definitely enjoy reading the last page column "Proust Questionnaire." Vanity Fair appeals to the educated consumer, and its advertisers appeal to wannabees of the upper crust.

Vanity Fair is an enjoyable read. I think renewing my wife's expired subscription will make a great Christmas present.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles
This is a: News magazine