Reviews For US Weekly Magazine

A lot like In Touch magazine

I like this magazine. It's intresting. It keeps you updated on your favorite celebs with gossip, exclusive pictures, and news.

Prompt and worth the money

I went with this subscription because it was the same price as only 6 months of "People". My friend loves it (it was her birthday gift) and so far they've arrived on schedule - the first one only took two weeks or so! Thank you!

Awesome Celebrity News

I'm an avid magazine reader and once I stumbled onto US, I couldn't wait for the next week to get here so I could read the next issue. I think it's a well written and photographed magazine. The quality of the articles are top shelf.

Well I like it...

US Magazine is meant as entertainment and it is. I have been a reader for a long time. It's current, fun, entaining.


I absolutely love this magazine! It is my favorite. If you are into celebrities and gossip, then this is your magazine.

Great For US

I love this magazine because it revolves around our country's obsession: Celebrities. What they eat, wear, who they go out with, etc. I love it, this magazine has truly changed my life...I look forward to geting it every week in the mail. I also love the beauty advice for different kinds of hair or skin. They have the celebrities clothes and where to buy them, but a cheaper version just for common folk like you and I! "Us Weekly" has "The Scoop", where celebrities were found and what were they doing. They also have pics of them in their bathrobes, curlers and no makeup, just to prove that they're like US, in certain respects. The first three or four pages are dedicated to the juciest celebrity news, without being like a tabloid and giving out false, ridiculous information.

A+...I love US!

If You Love Celebrities You'll Love This Magazine

Do you like to keep up with what's going on in Hollywood? Are you a die hard fan of stars like Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, or N'SYNC? Do you love collecting quality photos of your favorite stars? Then this magazine is for you. Every issue is packed wall to wall with the lastest news on stars from every walk of life, and it's stuffed with top-notch photos. If you are looking for a magazine that not only is great reading, but can eventually turn into a hot collectible, US is for YOU!!!

Best Buy on all the Gossip!!

This was the best magazine that I have ever had...i got it as a gift for my birthday and I LOVE work we call it the bible!

Best celebrity magazine out there

My favorite gossip-trash out there! Can't beat it. It's not full with all the boring stuff that People is - and every week you can be sure that it is up to date on all the lastest Hollywood news. If you're looking for some good old fashioned celebrity gossip - this is your magazine!

It's appreciated

This is an unusual review. I think US Weekly isn't worth reading - but I am a man. I give an annual subscriptions to our admin assistant every year as recognition / appreciation for Admin Week. I appreciate all she does to help me. She appreciates receiving US Weekly every week. That works for me (and hopefully works for her). That's good enough for me to give a high rating.