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One word that sums this magazine up is addicting! I can't pass a magazine stand with out picking one up. With the latest spill on celebrity love lives, style, movies, red carpet events, and most embarrassing moments, who could resist?

To me it's more of a photo book then real journalism. Half the journalism that is in US Weekly is exaggerated to all means. With so much being fabricated, it is important to keep an open mind.

US Weekly Magazine gives people like you and I a chance to see celebrities live the normal lives we do. It's weird to see some of these A-list stars cleaning, shopping, and doing normal day to day routines of an average person. Of course this is only when they are not working.

My favorite part of the magazine is the loose talk section. In the November 22nd issue, it features Nicole Richie and her tip on how she eats healthy while taping The Simple Life.

Every week I look forward to receiving my new issue. When I do, it's sometimes the highlight of my day. No other magazine can compare to US Weekly. With its edge and wit it keeps us readers wanting the next issue.

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The Best Fluff On Hollywood!

This magazine is of course geared towards those interested in movies, celebrity, pop culture, and mainstream music. So I'll review this magazine with the intended audience in mind, with respect to how this magazine compares to other pop culture/Hollywood magazines.

First, it is true that US Weekly has changed dramatically in the past year or two. The magazine has adopted a British-tabloid style of journalism that has made it a top seller on newsstands. As a result, however, US Weekly's depth on Hollywood, and its reporting credibility has sunk to an all time low. Many of its rumors, unidentified news sources, reports from an insider, etc. are extremely fun to read, but also lacking in accuracy. With that said, readers should acknowledge that a good portion of information may be created by the writers and editors in order to deliver a more entertaining story.

Although some of the gossip-like reports may be nothing more than a figment of a writer's imagination (resembling a fan's biggest fantasy), US Weekly should be credited for its well-versed skills in crafting sensationalism. Whether a page is about Collin Farrell or American Idol, the magazine does a wonderful job of delivering a colorful page full of photographs and trivial tidbits. After a hard day's work or long hours studying, US Weekly is definitely a welcomed refreshment.

Now whether this magazine matches up to its other celebrity-magazine competitors is debatable. US Weekly lacks the great stories and interviews of Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, but is a lot more enjoyable than People; it also suffices the cravings of those InStyle fans who like to check out fashion do's and don'ts. Overall, if it's fluff you want, then nobody does it better right now than US Weekly. The magazine's publishers don't even pretend anymore that some of its loyal subscribers are illiterate!

*** Summary: If you want substance, look elsewhere (i.e. The New Yorker, The Economist, The Nation). But if you're high on cherry squishy, nothing is better than pictures of J-Lo's posterior or a conversation with Britney's bodyguard. This magazine could, however, pack its pages a little bigger -- preferably with exclusive interviews, and stories that take longer than one night to write.

good fun

US Magazine is a cross between People, Entertainment Weekly, and any of the tabloids, like the Enquirer. The photos are wonderful and vivid. Some of the articles are to be taken with a grain of salt, like a tabloid, but many of them are the same sort of true stories you would find in a "respectable" magazine such as Entertainment Weekly or People. It has some of the very latest gossip in Hollywood, and it's just a really fun, lighthearted read!

Trendy Tabloid

Us weekly is mostly about what the stars are wearing and the latest trend on television. There are some tabloid style photos which are completely tasteless, and I'm not really sure who cares if Brittany Spears had a latte at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on 4th street last Wednesday, but mostly it's a fair gossip magazine. The articles are all really short and definitely without much depth, but most people aren't looking for that when they read Us weekly. The fashion police is pretty funny; it's just a bunch of comments about star's clothes from a group of people with no real authority on the subject. Most are comedians or writers, which is probably why it's so funny. This magazine is definitely a quick read, and I don't feel any smarter when I'm done reading it, but it does keep me up to date on the Hollywood side of pop culture.

A guilty pleasure of mine

I am not really big on celebrity magazines that are really tabloids but with glossy pages like People magazine but I must admit to having a soft spot for US Weekly. Yeah it is pure fluff and nothing to be taken remotely seriously however I get my kicks out of some of the articles that are published there. My biggest beef with the rag is that in the latest issue of US Weekly, it only gives a paragraph each to the passings of Johnny Cash and John Ritter who had passed away two weeks ago while they do an entire bloody article on Bennifer Afflopez, the most overexposed and overrated celebrity couple on this entire planet. I found that quite distasteful. Even that tabloid People Magazine gave a couple of pages to both celebrities. What is just as gross is seeing really unattractive celebs in their bathing suits (i.e Avril Lavigne and her guitar player). However I do love the best & worst dressed pages in the back. I love the snide remarks from the weekly guests. I don't care who is the best dressed, it is who is wearing the ugliest outfits that I care. Another celebrity couple I could live without seeing in the pages of US Weekly for the rest of my life...Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Oh lordy. The two most boring celebrities known to mankind. And their acting isn't anything to write home about either. If anything, US Weekly makes for good reading material in the bathroom, otherwise it ain't serious journalism that's for sure.

Shallow and cheesy, just like hollywood.

My wife loves this magazine. Its chocked full of candid celebrity shots, and stars doing regular everyday things. Stars complain about the paparazzi, but really, they have no right to whine. After all, they get paid millions to show off their faces, they have given up their right to privacy.
US magazine's theme is that stars are just like "US". They go to eat, lay out on the beach, and get their hair done. Thats what the magzine is about. Some call it shallow, but Hollywood IS shallow. You are only as good as your last film, and the sets are just sets.
If you like glitzy, fake celeb interviews, read something else. If you want to look at stars doing everyday things, and people picking on their fashion faux pas... ths is the magazine for you.
A bit pricey for what it is, but hey, we have to support the paparazzi.

Guilty Pleasure

While making a purchase at Best Buy, the cashier informed me that Us Weekly was offering a free six-week trial subscription. She was pretty persuasive, so I took the bait. Who turns down freebies? Turns out I really like the magazine. No lengthy, poignant passages. Just a lot of pictures with captions and a couple of paragraphs of juicy gossip. Very easy reading. Star-gazing is frivolous and fun.

Don't get me wrong, I write for a living and love reading a variety of genres, including paranormal, erotica, chick lit, and urban fiction. But, sometimes the brain needs some down time.

A little better than people magazine??!

I don't buy these magazines to 'read' them...mostly to pass the time, flip through, check out little tidbits and px!
US Weekly is fun-filled...lends itself to quick pick-up/put-down style info...never feel cheated, never says too much, or that I have to read some long article continued on page 32 to get the meaning of the story! REALLY it A LOT!

I got it on sale

Its a good magazine. Somtimes I flip through it in the checkout. But if I hadn't got it on sale I wouldn't have subscribed. Its not worth the full price.

Great magazine

Great magazine to carry to appointments you may have to wait a few minutes for. Quick articles. Light hearted read.