Reviews For US Weekly Magazine

Poor delivery to Vancouver

I've ordered the Us weekly for a 3-month period. I have missed 3 issues already with 2 months in. Not impressed with its delivery to Vancouver!

Credibility is very poor!

Earlier in the year, I bought this magazine based upon the cover stories. Right after I purchased the magazine, the cover stories proved to be FAKE. In addition, they copy much of their material from PEOPLE magazine. I recommend you buy PEOPLE instead of this magazine.

US is just a fancy Enquirer

I have been subscribing to US Weekly for about a year and a half. In that time, I have never seen an issue without several pages of Jessica Simpson. I have to wonder; does Jessica donate money to this magazine? She seems to dominate the whole magazine, each and every week.

I won't be renewing my subscription. I'm tired of Jessica and the untruths that US Weekly supplies.

The System is Too Slow

It is rediculous that an order placed on-line should take 4-6 weeks to be delivered.

Augh, no more

I used to consider this magazine a guilty pleasure until a recent issue in which they not only called Angelina Jolie a hypocrite for wanting to have a career and a family but also did a before & after feature on celebrities who had lost weight, talking about how much better they looked in their new smaller sizes (i.e., size zero as opposed to a big ol' size four!). When combined, that made me feel that US Weekly is really kind of a jerky magazine.

Auto-Renew Scam

Be careful when you deal with this vendor. They auto renew without notice (and claim they send notice). It is easy to turn it on but impossible to turn it off.

Has Seen Much Better Days

I used to really like US magazine. I have been collecting every issue each week for several years now. But wait! Has anyone else noticed that this magazine has drastically changed since the beginning of this year? Where are all the interesting articles and info on the celebrities, movies and music? There's no more than a thumbnail's sketch of info on anything now. It's all photos and quickie hype. It has no more substance. What happened to this good magazine?

Worst magazine ever created?

For some unknown reason, my aunt has a subscription to this publication known as "U.S. Weekly". Whenever she gets done reading it, she gives it to my mom, giving me a chance to read the kind of garbage that gets published every week. To put it simply, this is a magazine that showcases everyone I hate in the entertainment industry. Quite frankly, most of the pictures here creep me out. These photographers go out of their way to take pictures of celebrities doing things like eating or riding their bike. It's bad enough to see how nosy the editors are, but it's even worse to know that people pay to see such trivial photos as that. It's borderline obsession.

You might be asking, "If I hate it so much, why do I continue reading it"? There's no other way around it, but this magazine does slightly entertain me, but for all the wrong reasons. The "news" is so obviously fake and ridiculous that it makes me laugh. It's so bad that it's almost like a parody. For example, I read an article about how Ashlee Simpson and some other guy were in love, yet the next week's magazine revealed that they had just split up. I guess true love only lasts a week nowadays.

The only reason to ever get a magazine like this is if you want to have a good laugh. Even then, the price for a yearly subscription is far too expensive. So really, "US Weekly" is useless either way.

This magazine is trash

I thought this was going to be like People, but it's more like The National Enquirer.

Not Worth Reading

I can only agree with this: "The photo-heavy US (Magazine) mainly focuses on celebrities and their love lives -- mostly false reports and half-truths." [...]