Reviews For US Weekly Magazine

great magazine!

I gave this magazine as a gift to my sister but I also love it! Magazine subscriptions are a great gift idea!

Some fluff for when your brain hurts

This is not an intellectual's magazine. Its definitely fluff.

At the same time, however, you can always count on at least one *interesting* article every week. Its "Survivor" coverage is consistently compelling and interesting. It has great photos...

The best part about it is the Fashion Police where each week they present photos of well-dressed [and not well dressed] celebrities along with witty digs written by various comedians, columnists, etc.

*~Us Mag.~*

I really enjoy this fun book. Even though you can't believe everything you hear its fun to read about other people's lives. I totally recamend this magazine. Its a great read (I got to stop saying that!) and I hope you check it out. It is always fun to site down, and read about other people lives and their problems!!!

US Weekly...if u pay the bills on time

The magazine itself is fine, but I do find that they have a tendency to speculate about celebrites. Also, be very careful of how they bill you. Usually magazine subscriptions mail you about every couple of months. I got two bills in under two weeks when I sent out and they're very quick to send in another. Other than that it's a fun magazine.

A good gossip rag...

First foremost understand that US Weekly isn't fine literature, it's a gossip magazine! I used read it all the time until I was reading a story about Jennifer Aniston it was back when she was dating Vince Vaughn they posted an article about the two of them getting engaged. At the exact same time I was watching E! News and it was Jennifer Aniston denying any truth to the article. So now every time I see US Weekly I wonder how much truth is in the articles posted in US Weekly and if I really should be wasting my money on them.

But as a gossip magazine you can't expect everything they print to be true. And don't expect post-up worthy photo's of your favorite celebrities. They all have text under them or on them.

This Magazine Must Keep the Paparazzi (All of Them) Employed

Bottom-line: While "US Weekly" is fine for the undemanding and tedious world of the treadmill, I would not read the magazine on continual basis; there is just not enough substance.

The New Year brought a new commitment to fitness; Yeah! But no, this time I'm serious about want to shed a few pounds and lighten the load on my poor knees. Of course this mean a copious amount of time on the treadmill shedding those unwanted pound, listening to Christina Aguilera and reading "US Weekly Magazine," which my gym seems to have an over abundance of to the exclusion of any other periodical.

I am not usually given to reading entertainment magazines; I would hate to think of myself as a celebrity hound, but "US Weekly" is short on words and long on pictures and advertising; in other words just right for the treadmill machine where my attention is not ripe for reading. Unlike Entertainment Weekly, or even People, "US Weekly" does not pretend to be serious, the magazine does not attempt to cloth itself in the veneer of serious journalism. "US Weekly", which is published, well weekly, is little more than a thin picture book full of the minutiae of celebrity life.

There are no articles in "US Weekly", at least not anything that would pass as an article in say Entertainment Weekly, or People; there are instead picture captions and the occasion short write-up (a paragraph or two) on this star or that, or those stars over there. "US Weekly" is just a tad more reputable than say The National Enquirer or Star Magazine, but just barely. For example, the February 19, 2007 issues' cover featured a colorful full page picture of Reese Witherspoon beside a headline that read Hollywood's Revenge Diets! Better after breakup! How newly single stars get slim and sexy fast. Meanwhile a sidebar featured Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson under a title which read Plastic Surgery! Jennifer was a "Winner!" while poor Jessica was "Scary!" after her sojourn under the knife.

Regular sections in the magazine include:

oHot Hollywood
oHot Pics
oIn Every Issue

But lack of depth does not prevent the mainstream advertisers from calling; indeed there is an advertisement--mostly courting a female audience--almost every other page. This is not out of line with other magazines in this genre, although "US Weekly" is the only magazine I know of that does not have a masthead. Based on the advertising and editorial content this is a magazine designed and published for young women. And that is not to imply that young women are shallow and unfocused on self; I make the statement because there are a lot of (female) style and fashion photos contained therein, along with a fair amount of make-up advertisements. This is not normally (straight) "guy" territory.


While "US Weekly" is fine for the undemanding and tedious world of the treadmill, I would not read the magazine on continual basis; there is just not enough substance. And while I have to admit that (women) celebrities intrigue me, I would rather not read a whole magazine devoted to their every step; "US Weekly" is not for me.

fun glossy

People and US weekly are my favorite mags for celebrity news and gossip. Although this mag is a fun glossy, I'm not sure how reliable a lot of their facts are. It seems as if sometimes their main features are based on rumors, what they think might have happened when a certain couple has broken up, and they rely on the sources of the celebrities friends. Still even though it might be questionable, I love their fun sections. Its a fun glossy for those that are interested in celeb gossip. It's just fun to see sections like "stars! They're just like us." It's a guilty pleasure.

Ephemeral and guilty

The first thing to know about US Weekly is what it is and what it isn't. It is NOT a magazine. It IS cotton candy liberally spread on paper. A mixture of gleeful celebrity worship and tabloid dirt-dishing, this is an amusing guilty pleasure.

The photo-heavy US mainly focuses on celebrities and their love lives -- mostly false reports and half-truths. Most of the rest is stuff like "The Sexy Stars of S.W.A.T," photographs of stars doing ordinary things (ooh, Keanu Reeves ate a sandwich!), cutesy captions, and descriptions of handbags, jewelry, clothes and cocktails that no ordinary person can afford. Tacked on at the end, to provide the illusion of real journalism, are brief movie and TV reviews.

There are a handful of diverting articles. For example, occasionally there are fluff interviews with various celebrities -- models, actors, singers, and reality-TV doofs. The most amusing (not to mention witty) section is the Fashion Police, with quilted skirts, paint-splattered boots, and Britney's sequined bra. It includes some nicely catty comments ("Crazed kewpie doll") and proof that money can't buy taste.

It's colorful and fun to look at. But so are baby toys. The wispiness of US makes it unmemorable. For those who worship at the altar of pop culture, it's a must. For the rest of humanity, it's trashy and fluffy.

Not the Same Magazine

I used to really like US magazine. I have been collecting every issue each week for several years now. But wait! Has anyone else noticed that this magazine has drastically changed since the beginning of this year? Where are all the interesting articles and info on the celebrities, movies and music? There's no more than a thumbnail's sketch of info on anything now. It's all photos and quickie hype. It has no more substance. What happened to this good magazine?


This magazine takes your interest off everyday life and puts it on the inane and over the top people. That they resemble us and have the same foibles makes it kind of interesting. But really, it is just fodder for people who have nothing else to do(not saying much for me). I am already sick of it, but still I enjoy seeing the next issue. Go figure!