Reviews For US Weekly Magazine

Love it!!

I recently subscribed to US Weekly again and I am so glad I did!!I was pleasantly suprised when the first issue showed up within a week to 10 days of placing my order, I was expecting a 6-8 week delay. Great magazine, great shipping!!

Love it

I love this magazine, I have had a subscription forever and plan to keep it forever.

Great to learn new idiomatic expressions

Great for non native speakers who are in desperate need for real samples of language discourse.

Fantastic Every Time!

Every week, I buy this magazine at my local Eckard, and every week I am thouroghly satisfied. This magazine covers celebrities of all genres--being music, movies, TV, ect. The fact that this is a weekly magazinw might scare some people away--because the weeks do fly by rather quickly. You won't regret buying this if you do, though, because every week this magazine brings "it", and leaves nothing to be desired. Great covers, attractive photographs, and attention-getting headlines keep you both informed and entertained.

this magazine is so nice

i got this magazine and i thought it was amazing!!! It is packed with tones of info about your favorite stars and about all of the good movies and t.v. shows that you should see and which ones to skip. It gives you great info and inside tracks about the biggest events in hollywood.( And be sure that you check out the fashion police they are so funny!)

lighten up

This is great to read at any time. You know life gets hard sometimes and its good to point and laugh about those rich and snobby folks and celebrities you love to hate. I know you'll feel bad about being all up in others business but its ok really, you paid for it so in this case its allowed. You know you love to hear all the gossip about the rich and famous. So pick this magazine up and have a good time.In my family we actually fight over who can open it up first and read all the gossip.

Great magazine, full of interesting facts about your favorite hollywood stars and personalities!

I love this magazine the articles are excellently written and gives all you would want to know about your favorite Hollywood stars and the things that go on behind the scenes in their lives.

Junk Food for the Brain!

US Weekly is the best "escape" from work and chaotic everyday life! I love it! Unlike the "Enquirer", this magazine shows some respect for the stars that it covers, which I admire.

US Magazine Subscription

Everything with smoothly with my magazine subscription. I actually started receiving my magazines before the date specified. Thanks so much.

The Best in This Class

I am a college educated, professional woman and I still love this magazine. In fact it was my guilty pleasure while I was attending college and didn't have time to sit down a read a good novel. US Weekly has some of the best photographs of stars compared to the other mags on the newsstand (ranking only second to In Touch at times). US Weekly does have the best content. They have more content than In Touch and less of the stuff that I don't care about like People magazine publishes. US Weekly is a steal at the subscription price. So, why don't you check one out at the newsstand and subscribe if you like it as much as I do?