Reviews For US Weekly Magazine


My magazines started to arrive in about 2 weeks which was faster than i though it would and i get them on time weekly!!!

Quick to get magazine!

Usually when I order magazine subscriptions, it take a long time to get them... not in this case! I get my magazine in just a couple of weeks and at an awesome discount!

For a girl who can't stand gossip, I love this magazine!

I wait every week to get this magazine in the mail. I absolutely love to see who's wearing what and who's squabbling with who this week! Definitely an awesome magazine!

enough of everything

I bought this subscription for my sister ,since she takes forever in the grocery line reading these magazines. I've flipped through pages myself and kept on reading. I think this magazine is good for everyone. I would buy it for my mom, maybe not my grandma ,but I'm sure she would flip through a few pages too.

Best Trashy Magazine

I'll admit it. I've had an addiction to this magazine since college. After realizing I could get subscriptions online for MUCH cheaper than the newstand, it was a regular item in my mailbox.

Honestly, the main reason I subscribe to US Weekly is for the gym. It's the perfect magazine for the elliptical - minimal words, lots of pictures. And it takes about 30 minutes to go through (if you take your time). Perfect for a workout!

The best part is leaving it around and seeing who picks it up...

LOVE this magazine!!!!!!!

I can't wait each week to get the magazine. It is so full of information about the stars without being trashy. Thank you so much for the entertainment.

us magazine

this magazine was delivered in an extremely quick time no other subscriber gets it out quicker.

Great source celebrity news

US caries a very wide assortment of celebrity news with lots of pictures and fashion. Often includes a coupon or two, mainly for makeup. It's great for light entertaining reading.

Us Magazine

I have only rec'd three issues but I now look forward to receiving it. Very pleased!

Hot gossip delivered to my door - fabulous!

US Weekly (while the poor woman's People) still rocks. It basically has all the same info as People Magazine at half the price. Same pics, same breaking news, etc. Just doesn't have as many articles which I frankly don't mind because I just zip through it for the "crucial" details! Great deal and great dose of trash. Wheeeeeeee!