Reviews For US Weekly Magazine

Everyone needs a guilty pleasure!!!

I can't help it! I know that I should be reading something more educational, but I adore US Magazine! There is something about it that makes me swipe it off of the shelf at the grocery store every time a new issue comes out! I love reading about the latest celebrity spoofs!

US Magazine is literally overflowing with the latest gossip on every celebrity you can think of. From what not to wear, to pregnancy alerts, you can read all of the juicy stuff! Every week they write about all the new movie deals everyone signed up for, who has gotten married, arrested, pregnant etc.! I just love it.

One of my favorite features about US is the pictures of stars caught reading it! I love the fact that not only do I have to have my weekly gossip fix, but so do they!

The best magazine ever

I love this magazine. It covers all of the hottest stars and the latest events. You can always feel up to date with Us Weekly. It tells me all I want to know about the latest stars music and movies. It really is a great magazine. It is my favorite magazine.

Read This!

US Weekly is a must read magazine if you want to know what's happening in Hollywood. It's like People meets Entertainment Weekly, which makes an excellent combo. It has awesome features, like "Fashion Police," "Faces & Places," "Loose Talk (cool quotes by celebs)" and much more. It's always up-to-date and has the best pictures and info on celebrities you can find. This magazine has everything!

Do yourself a favor and become an entertainment buff by subscribing to US Weekly. You'll be satisfied.

Great celeb gossip!

I really like this magazine for the latest celebirty gossip. It seems like one of the good ones out there - no fake stories and what-not. I like the feature in which they show stars' styles and show how to copy them for less. And the beauty section is nice, too - I like to copy some of the hairstyles or try some of the make-up trends.

Overall, I enjoy getting this magazine every week, I look forward to it and have it all read by Monday!


US Weekly is no doubt the best guilty pleasure right now. It's the National Enquirer disguised as a glossy magazine, you can buy it at the supermarket checkout without the shame of picking up a trashy tabloid!

For those who are addicted to the endless trials and tribulations of J.Lo & Ben or Ashton & Demi, this is the magazine for you. And this mag is all about the photos!!
You can finish each issue in 30 minutes! It's really perfect for the MTV generation who have A.D.D. and are too lazy to read cause most stories are two pages long and there's nothing but pictures anyway!

The best magazine by far

I love Us Weekly. It has the best celebs, great pictures, and nice, pithy captions. It's the best source for the straight dope.

I like the innocent fun and the overall happiness that emanates from it's bright pages. It's a nice respite from doing problem sets ad nauseum. Within 20 minutes, I can read the magazine from cover to cover, get current on my favorite celebs' lives, and come away with a smile on my face.

You can't ask more from a magazine.

Good Price for Guilty Pleasure

I admit it, I love to sit with this magazine and a good cup of coffee and just relax for an hour. What I used to feel guilty about was how much the magazine cost off the news stand. This is a bargain and supports an innocent guilty pleasure. Yeah!

Gift for my sister in law

Took advantage of the Xmas low pricing and gifted this subscription. She is very happy with it and the first issues arrived w/o any problems.

US is a great entertainment magazine!

I subscribe to many different entertainment magazines, I guess you could say I am a junkie when it comes to the tabloids... I have to say US has great stories, pictures and is very entertaining to read. My favorite rag mag :)

Fave mag!

This is my favorite celeb magazine! Much better to get it here and pay much less than at the checkout!