Reviews For The New Yorker Magazine

the world's best magazine

there is only one weekly in the world which combines outstanding news stories, political reviews, short stories, cartoons, fotos etc in one magazine that is truly sophisticated, truly written for the elite, if
this word is still legal in the twenty-first century.

A lost friend

I forgot how superb the New Yorker is. Depth like no other weekly. Can copy any article ever printed (tho not easily)

Really Impressive Magazine

I've subscribed to this magazine for almost two months now, and have been consistently impressed by its content every week. The magazine is jam-packed with informative and fascinating articles, and all non-fiction is extremely well researched and written.

I subscribe to two other weekly magazines (Time and Newsweek), but New Yorker is the one that I've found myself looking forward to each week. Great job!

the best magazine in print

the New Yorker is beautifully written, smart and always covers interesting subject matter. it's the one thing i make time for every week.

Ordered NewYorker for daughter very easily

It was a very easy transaction to order the New Yorker subscription for my daughter in San Francisco.

short fiction, movie reviews, and current events

The writing is top-notch across the board. The short fiction that is included each week is a gold mine for discovering up and coming writers as well as seeing the latest from very established writers. The movie reviews are very intelligent and funny if a little on the high brow side. The talk of the town section at the beginning is a good synopsis of the week's events. The cartoons throughout are very funny as well.

Still a great read

Despite the fulmination here about liberal bias, in fact the New Yorker's 'editorials' *supported* the Iraq war. Like many observers on both sides of the ideological divide, they *now* question some of the justifications offered by the government, and the way it has been handling the country's pacification.

There's usually at least one fascinating article per issue (in the most recent Humor issue, I really enjoyed the article on Hallmark card writers, and the profile of 'Boondocks' cartoonist Aaron Mcgruder ) and I can always count on a good laugh from Anthony Lane's movie reviews. If they could lure Hitchens and Wolcott away from Vanity Fair it would be a perfect read.

A great magazine

I get almost everything off the internet. No longer read a local paper newspaper.

But this magazine always brightens me up with the postman brings it.

different perspective

I enjoy the balance of hard news, stories, and arts that the New Yorker provides.

Excellent Writing, always interesting

I get distracted by how much I enjoy the writing. It's consistantly good.

Subjects are usually interesting and frequently the writers are able to make interesting a topic I wouldn't think of to investigate myself. That is a real value to me.