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New Yorker Magazine

i love this magazine... it keeps me in touch with the beat of NYC....(that is the beginning where they have blurps on what is going on in the galleries, cinema, concerts ets).... On the other side... the essay writing is hard to read... I think that is because the writers are paid by the word... BUT the cartoons are GREAT!!!

Not what it used to be

The writing, content, and cartoons have all gone downhill over the last decade. The New Yorker of 1999-2003 was essential reading -- engaging, thought-provoking, clever, wry. Today's New Yorker is tired. The cartoons, once clever and relevant, are now either obtuse or worn out (how many more "stressed out" montages by Roz Chast must I flip past?). For my money, I get broader and deeper political coverage in The Economist, more innovative writing and photos in The Paris Review, and sharper liberal politics/commentary in Harper's. If it weren't for the occasional serious news story (most often written by Seymour Hersh), I'd scrap my subscription.

New Yorker subscription

I wanted to give this magazine subscription as a gift but was unable to order it with a gift card or gift notice. I had to call the recipient to tell him to be on the lookout for the magazine to start in 4 to 6 weeks. It would be nice if you offered a gift option with your magazine subscriptions.

How to be a snob?

Exactly. While the previous reviewer to use this title matched it with a full 5-star rating, I don't. If you want the most pompous view on everything no one ever asked about, then go ahead and buy a copy. I thought perhaps an informed, enlightend editorial tone would have been a nice perspective to bring into my home. Now, years later, they won't stop sending that rag no matter how many times they claim it's my final issue.

In short, not a fan. My advise to you: get one issue off the newstand and see what you think. If you're like me, you'll hate it and never go back.

DON'T BUY THIS Magazine Destroyed by Liberal Editors

The New Yorker used to be my favorite magazine. Every week I would look forward to articles on diverse topics. Their book reviewed were viewed as gospel by me. All of that changed when Henrik Hertzberg became the editor. I always accepted the New Yorker's liberal stance as I consider myself open-minded, and actually quite liberal on health care issues. The old New Yorker was also fair to both sides. Not any more. Hertzberg's weekly diatribes will get to anyone who is not to the left of Howard Dean. I reached my breaking point this year with all the war editorials. Whereas I once looked forward to the magazine, Hertzberg has ruined the experience for me. So, after 11 years of subscribing, I have decided that I will join the thousands of other readers who have abandoned this once great magazine.

I highly recommend against subscribing to this magazine until Conde Naste comes to its senses and realize that Hertzberg is destroying the magazine. If you are conservative, subscribe to the Weekly Standard instead.


the language in many of the articles is very good.. but the content in general is pretentious and irrelevant.

have to be one of those smug people who would enjoy the smell of their own flatulence (courtesy: south park) to enjoy this magazine as a regular read.