Reviews For The New Yorker Magazine

The Greatest Magazine on Earth

The New Yorker defines quality in magazine publishing. I have subscribed for several years now, and there is never an issue which disappoints. The quality of the writing is first-rate; the depth of the reporting is second to none; and the over-all presentation (from typeface to photographs to those famous cartoons) is masterful. The New Yorker is indeed the greatest magazine on earth.

New Yorker - Last Great Print Magazine

The New Yorker is the greatest magazine around. Genuinely compelling, long, and introspective articles, and real, original, investigative reporting. Articles by thinkers such as Malcom Gladwell on a regular basis. They even have well designed covers, every week. I can't say enough good things about the New Yorker. For those living in NYC, replete listings of local events and entertainment, as well as Theatre reviews.

Absorbing and Relevant

Among current magazines for discerning readers, I find The New Yorker the very best. Current topics, issues, and/or personalities are covered at length and in depth with relevance to the context of today's world. Each issue contains a highly readable fiction piece relevant to today's world. Throughout the magazine the writing itself is of the finest quality. I look forward to my weekly "fix" of this outstanding magazine.

The New Yorker Still Has Much To Offer

Most people agree that THE NEW YORKER is not quite what it used to be in the days when the work of Nabokov, Cheever, Salinger, Baldwin, Lowell and other literary giants frequently adorned its pages. The magazine, however, still does have "Goings On About Town" and "The Talk Of The Town" as well as fiction, a comic strip, articles, poems and insightful criticism of books, art, music, theatre and movies. Although it may lack some of the luster of its legendary past, THE NEW YORKER continues to have much to offer and the quality of its writing remains excellent.

Don't look any further for a fabulous magazine!

The New Yorker has a fabulous blend of different elements, all of which makes this magazine worthwhile- exceptional reviews, hillarious comics that are intelligently written (tip: look for Roz Chast's cartoons, she's great), articles that make you stop and think, then, for the avid New Yorker (or traveler to New York), it shows show listings and going ons throughout the city. The best part- there aren't huge, horrible ads constantly screaming in your face with colors that are too bright. Basically, if you're looking for a magazine that isnt about fasion, beauty and junk like that, this is your one stop, pure heaven magazine.

One of the best & smartest magazines around

The New Yorker is awesome. I admit, for many years I thought it was a doctor's office standard and nothing more, but once I started reading it, I was hooked. Every issue has at least one several-page article that holds my interest. The political writing is superb, right on track. The best writers from The New Republic back before Clinton came over to the New Yorker, and the quality shows. There is a liberal tendency, but nothing more, I would say. The interviews and in-depth reviews of artists, politicians--the movers and shakers of our time--are revealing and well crafted. This is a magazine for thinking people. Plus you get the cartoons, which are a hoot and a holler if ever there was one. A must.

Not just for New Yorkers

This magazine has been cluttering up my living spaces for many years. One doesn't just toss these away after a quick read-there is always something to return to, whether a great cartoon, superb fiction, a wonderful essay.

I would not be without it.

Still the finest magazine in America

Well-written, timely, erudite and down-to-earth -- no other magazine is as informative and varied in tone, or as much a pleasure to read. The "New Yorker" has a number of "beats" it covers -- contemporary politics, media, popular culture and art, humor, new fiction and a smidge of local, New York goings-on (not as much as in the old days, but the regionalism is still a delight.) Yes, other magazines cover these topics, but not in as accessible a manner. The "Atlantic" and "Harper's" tread similar paths, but they both seem overly stern and inaccessible by comparison. The "New Yorker" used to be incredibly fusty: since the magazine's 1992 facelift, courtesy of editor Tina Brown, it has a much lighter, more youthful tone. This, mixed with the erudite, well-researched, well-crafted writing, makes it one of the most rewarding reading experiences in America today. No matter what the topic, an article in the "New Yorker" will always be a shining example of language used to its best effect. Plus, I like the cartoons.

(PS - I weary of the "three F" -- fashion, food and finance -- reporting, but even if they overdo these subjects, it's still a great magazine.) (DJ Joe Sixpack)

The New Yorker Sets the Standard

(...)"The New Yorker" does set the standard. I can't agree with every idea, and not every standard they set is worth chasing. However, the sum of this magazine, helped founded by the great wit Dorothy Parker, is a solid thinking, literary, humorous magazine.

I won't belabor my review analyzing "The New Yorker" to death, but give it a shot. Read it, and be a better rounded, better thinking person as a result.

I fully recommend "The New Yorker."

Anthony Trendl

Where I get a taste of New York!

It has been a while since I moved out of NYC, and there are times I wish I hadn't left. The New Yorker keeps me up to date with every aspect that makes New York the most eclectic city in the world. I get the news, political columns, book reviews, and the latest trends in fashion. Also, the New Yorker is one of the few magazines that still publishes fiction. I love reading the short stories they publish! The New Yorker has staying power -- and I shall continue to subscribe to this intelligent and edgy magazine for many years to come.