Reviews For The New Yorker Magazine

Yes, the New Yorker

If only I had time to read this magazine the way I did ten years ago, savoring every paragraph. The issue about the events of September 11, 2001, that befell New York was without a doubt the most splendid writing on the tragedy anywhere. David Denby is the only film critic writing today who I trust, and the sports, architecture, and art writing are equally brilliant. Nobody needs to know what I say; this magazine speaks for itself. There are also some great books about the fine history of this excellent publication, the best one by Brendan Gill - "Here At the New Yorker."

The New Yorker

We read EVERY article. Some we like more than others but all keep us thinking.

Excellent writing

Few magazines can match the New Yorker's high caliber of journalism, fiction, reviews, and of course, cartoons; all written by some of the best writers in the land. It makes mainstream magazines like Time and US News look like high school newspapers. But, one word of caution: if you're the type of person that whines "liberal bias" at anything that you slightly disagree with, then this is not the magazine for you.

The New Yorker - A Staple In My Home!

I always find time to read the New Yorker - from cover to cover. I have been subscribing since the early 1990s, and the high quality of writing, and the subject matter are nonpareil. I especially enjoy the political articles, national and international, written by topnotch writers, and the weekly features are first-rate. The clever cartoons crack me up, as do features like "The Inane Ad of the Week." The reviews on film, literature, music, art, and theater are some of the best, and most credible.

The fiction and poetry sections are almost always to my literary taste. Since I live in Manhattan, I do appreciate the local listings, and information. But I would still subscribe if I lived in Kansas, just because this is a provocative magazine for intelligent, thinking people - and fun to read too!

Some of the finest long non- fiction pieces

Although I often disagree with the 'New Yorker' politically and find the writing of Seymour Hersh offensive I believe that the 'New Yorker' publishes exceptionally fine pieces of non- fiction. I stress the non- fiction because this is what interests me in 'the New Yorker now'.Once it was the fiction of Salinger, Singer, of S.J. Perelman. But in recent years it has been the writing of Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Gopin and a number of others.
This is without speaking of the special feeling of class the New Yorker gives, its still topnotch cartoons, the 'On the Town' feature, and the first-rate 'Talk of the Town ' calendar.

Still the only "intelligent" weekly on newsstands.

Order...and the sub starts in a few weeks. A great gift that arrives
every week.

Great magazine

I don't think you can beat The New Yorker for page to page quality of writing and subject matter. I love it.

Simply the best

Cover to cover, this magazine cannot be topped for quality and depth of writing, humor, poetry, cartoons, political analysis. What more can I say? The New Yorker will say it better!

It's the New Yorker!

It's a wonderful magazine. Wherever you are in the world, the New Yorker brings a little bit of civilization to you, week after week.

Awesome writing

I really enjoy this magazine. I read it for a while online and I decided to try a subscription for one year. In a couple of months I became addicted to it. I added one more year to my subscription when I got a good deal. It is amazing how some very common things are described in such beautiful words. This is an art.