Reviews For The New Yorker Magazine

New Yorker Magazine Delivers

You simply cannot find a contemporary American magazine that delivers a better and more satisfying combination of political insight, current events, humor and arts. Despite its name, the magazine is not Manhattan-centered. Despite its image, it is not a stodgy relic from another generation but very current and very topical. Try it. Skip straight to Talk of the Town and you will be hooked.

One true indulgence

The New Yorker belongs in the same category as the "little black dress," and oxygen: classic, sophistocated, and absolutely essential!

So many magazines go out of their way to gloss everything over; introspection loses out to shock value. News and "serious" magazines are not always immune. But to me, the New Yorker is. I know I am going to find something to make me laugh, something to make me think, and I will be that much better for it.

The variety in content is unbelievable. Last summer(approx.) they had a fascinating article about the voting system in Mongolia. I think in the same issue there was a man who found out his uncle was a famous gangster, and interviewed him in prison. A more recent issue(possibly last week's) had an article on teenagers in modern Japan. The issue I'm reading at the moment features Peter Bogdanovich and water problems in South America (still in the middle of that piece). To top it all off, there's always some excellent fiction I save for last.

The famous cartoons, of course, speak for themselves.

Everyone should read "The New Yorker!"

Sixty years of being an enthusiastic reader means of course I'd renew and renew. From Truman Capote to all the short stories of JD Salinger to the late John Updike and to the even later John Cheever, I've met fictional characters who've richly coloured my life. Both film and book reviews are trustworthy, too. Is there another magazine with such original and often amusing covers?

Hours of Reading pleasure

This was a gift for my husband who was a subscriber for years but had let his subscription lapse. It is the only magazine he'll read and it gives him hours of pleasure. It is an excellent choice for the intelligent, discerning reader. Love the cartoons!

The Best!

This is the only magazine I read from cover to cover. Each issue usually contains a longish article (12-20 pages); there's no way to predict what it will be about, but you can expect it to be interesting and well-written. Many times, these articles are by hot writers with a new book out or forthcoming. Each issue also has a short story, a few poems, several shorter articles, and humorous items. The book, dance, music, art, and film reviews are good reading. Usually, one of the reviews is an in-depth look at an author or artist, a comparison of recent books on a similar topic, etc.

Try it, and try reading even the articles that are outside your usual interests. You'll be surprised at how much you'll enjoy it.

Too late and so Great

My only regret concerning the New Yorker is that I've only been subscribing to five years and I can't help but ruminate about the years I've missed. It is the only magazine I've ever subscribed to for over 1 year and the only one that I read faithfully from cover to cover. It is intimidating to a degree; the enormity of talented writers, informed perspective and the reliability of point of view- (mine, at least). It is the only film resource that inevitably works for me. The only section that

(for me at least), can be disappointing is the short fiction. However, I'm a novel enthusiast anyway- and hardly qualified to rate current fiction- especially the stuff that makes it into publication. My favorite is the medical articles; they like so many of the areas precede other avenues for public information. It's all I need, and pathetically one of my greatest pleasures.

My Favorite Greatest Magazine

I would subscribe for the chance to see a Roz Chast cartoon each week alone, never mind Richard Avedon's photographs and the brilliant film reviews by Antony Lane and David Denby. Oh yeah, there's always a good piece of fiction and maybe a poem or two. This magazine is like a delicious 10 course meal for you brain. Feed it!

Staying power

The New Yorker is not your typical fluff magazine with celebrity covers, beauty tips or other nonsense. It's full of thoughtful and provocative writing which will inform you and captivate you. If you're curious about the world and want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to current events, arts and others you'll be pleased with The New Yorker. It also has great sports articles, the kind of writing you tend to miss if you were a Sports Illustrated reader 30 years ago.

Great Read Week after Week

The New Yorker is a great magazine for people of all ages. It provides short, insightful pieces, "great-sprawling stuff" (to quote Charlie Kaufman), political, fashion and arts pieces. The film review are not to be missed, as they are the most poignant out there.

just the best

I read this cover to cover every week. Nothing is more fun for me than pulling the week's issue out of the mailbox and flipping through the issue to look at the cartoons and the "back page." The nonfiction is well-written and insightful; the fiction is always top-notch; and if you live near NY, this is a great reference for local entertainment and the arts