Reviews For The New Yorker Magazine

The best magazine in America

The New Yorker has been called the best magazine in America and I must agree. Its combination of fiction, fact, humor, cartoons, etc., has something for everyone.

Couldn't live without it

The New Yorker falls into that very small category of publications that I couldn't live without.

The nonfiction is extraordinary, the fiction is legendary, and then of course there are those CARTOONS. I rely on The New Yorker to keep me informed and entertained every week.

Excellent - but beware the leftist slant

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine that selects articles submitted from writers (Truman Capote was a regular) around the world on a wide range of topics. Beware, however, of the decided leftist posture permeating most. Virtually all political articles slam Bush and Republicans in general and extol Democrats. It is a reflection of the editors who are, after all, New Yorkers. One simply needs to be cautious and watch out for "facts" that are really nothing more than opinion.

Great Magazine

I really like this magazine. The articles are great and the writers are people that you want to hear from.

Stronger Than Ever

I've been subscribing to the New Yorker for twenty years now and have never thought of stopping, a testament to the magazine's consistency. After 9/11 and the Iraq invasion of 2003, the magazine's reportage has been in my opinion the best, comprehensive, thorough, and never academic as it finds the narrative that resonates the most. The title New Yorker is not provincial; to the contrary, the title points to a cosmopolitan anti-tribalist sensibility. The only area of criticism for me are the short stories. About half are great; the other half I could do without. The cartoons have gotten stronger, especially with the contest in which professional illustrators make crazy cartoon scenarios and readers--brilliant readers I might add--provide captions after which the rest of us vote on the finalists. Great move. I read the contest captions first thing.

Join good writing and Reading

There are many reasons to love this great magazine and a few reasons not to. One of the reasons not to is there many ads, but if you want to read what great writers write you have to make reading The New Yorker on your top 10 list.

good price for the magazine

of course, we all know the new yorker is one of the best magazines ever, and i started receiving it within 3 weeks! and i expect i will get my full 2 years of magazines!

over 60 years of the new yorker

I have been subscribing to the New Yorker for more than 60 years. Why stop now? It is excellent.

Simply the best!

I can't be without my New Yorker -- I have two subscriptions, one for home, one for office. It's that good.

New Yorker Magazine renewal

I ordered a renewal of my subscription to this magazine, but your acknowledgements indicated a new subscription. I do not want two magazines delivered for the remainder of my original (as yet unexpired) subscription. Your software needs to be improved in this area.
Sincerely, Charles Chadbourn